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The reviewing officer, Rear Adm. Craig T. Mattingly (front), Commander, Naval Service Training Command, and Capt. Kenneth Froberg, commanding officer, Recruit Training Command (RTC), inspect the newest Sailors at RTC’s Pass-in-Review in Great Lakes, Illinois, Feb. 1, 2024. More than 40,000 Recruits train annually at the Navy's only boot camp (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Christopher M. O'Grady)
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Telework Policy7/27/2022
Career Development Board Program9/17/2010
Staff Leave and Liberty Policy9/18/2019
Naval Service Training Command Military Personnel Muster9/27/2019
Recruit Training Command Recruit Division Commander Disqualification Placement Process2/17/2017
Midshipman Mentorship Program9/23/2022
Naval Service Training Command Training Safety Program8/28/2023
Disenrollment from the Naval Officer Candidate School Program6/18/2018
NSTCINST 1530.4AAdjudication and Transfer of Collegiate Program Officer Candidate Non-Graduates8/30/2023
Academic Major Selection Policy for Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps Navy Option Scholarship Midshipmen5/28/2009
Minority Serving Institution Scholarship Reservations12/13/2021
Extended Entitlements for Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps Participants5/20/2019
Directed Active Enlisted Service Policy for Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps Option Scholarship Midshipmen10/15/2019
Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps Regional Collateral Duties3/4/2016
Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps Preparatory Program Scholarship Reservations10/18/2019
Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps Host Unit Assessment Improvement Plan3/25/2019
Language Skills, Regional Expertise, and Cultural Academic Major Policy for Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps Navy Option Midshipmen5/21/2020
Restriction of Personnel12/6/2021
Naval Service Training Command Military Instructor of the Year Program6/1/2019
Naval Service Training Command Awards Program11/15/2023
Naval Service Training Command Sailor of the Year Program10/4/2022
Naval Service Training Command Marine of the Year Program8/30/2023
Naval Service Training Command Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Operating Procedures4/25/2014
Naval Service Training Command Suicide Prevention Program2/5/2016
Command Sponsor and Indoctrination Program12/18/2019
Standard Operating Procedures for Naval Service Training Command Sexual Assault Cases4/14/2016
Standard Operating Procedures for Special Incident Reporting8/7/2017
New Student Indoctrination Standard Operating Procedures6/2/2023
Naval Service Training Command Antiterrorism Plan5/11/2016
Emergency Action Plan10/26/2019
Naval Service Training Command Support Agreement Program8/22/2018
Battle Stations 21 Change Management Policy3/18/2013
Government Commercial Purchase Card Program9/18/2020
Service and Supply Contracts11/1/2022
Naval Service Training Command Policy Statements5/22/2023
Command Inspection Program2/1/2021
Naval Service Training Command Standard Operating Procedures for Selecting the Official Party for Recruit Training Command Graduation6/5/2013
Policies and Procedures for the Administration and Use of the Government Travel Charge Card12/12/2022
NSTCINST 5100.1BNSTC Government Travel Charge Card Program1/16/2024
Records Management Program12/20/2019
Naval Service Training Command Privacy Program6/13/2023
Commander's Critical Information Requirements8/9/2022
Distribution Lists for Commander, Naval Service Training Command3/20/2008
Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) / Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Program10/23/2013
Naval Service Training Command Information Technology Governance Program8/31/2012
Naval Service Training Command Information Technology Server Cabinet Key Management Program3/17/2016
Off-Duty Employment3/26/2007
Naval Service Training Command Urinalysis Program3/10/2017
NSTCINST 5354.1ACommand Managed Equal Opportunity6/9/2016
Naval Service Training Command Fraternization Policy5/7/2018
Naval Service Training Command Hotline Program3/30/2009
Mission and Functions of Officer Training Command11/26/2019
Mission, Functions, and Tasks of Recruit Training Command11/21/2022
Mission, Functions, and Tasks of Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps Units11/26/2019
Mission and Functions of the Departments of Naval Science (DPTNAVSCI)4/10/2006
Utilization of a Third Party Fingerprinting Contract11/18/2021
Key and Lock Control Program8/22/2018
Naval Service Training Command Policy for Management of Publicly Accessible World Wide Web Sites7/18/2008
Naval Service Training Command Public Affairs Plan4/11/2012
Procedures for Handling Congressional, State, and Local Government Inquiries1/26/2017
Quarterly Criminal Activity, Disciplinary Infractions and Courts-Martial Report (QCAR)1/30/2017
Office Space Management5/26/2022
Proper Transfer of Health Service Treatment Records of Transitioning Service Members2/25/2015
Health and Wellness for Civilian Employees11/1/2022
NSTCINST 7200.1DNaval Service Training Command Travel Program 1/24/2024
NSTCINST 7200.2CEscalation Protocol Due to Non-Liquidation of Travel Authorizations and Vouchers1/16/2024
General Equipment Internal Control Policies and Procedures11/15/2023
Competitive Area For Reduction in Force (RIF)2/1/2013
Naval Service Training Command Staff Development Program3/23/2010
Performance Management Program6/20/2006
Time and Attendance for Civilian Employees2/21/2020
Standard Operating Procedures for Reasonable Accommodation Requests6/23/2015
Civilian Personnel Disciplinary and Adverse Action Procedures4/14/2016
Administrative Grievance Procedure5/4/2022
Naval Service Training Command, 2601A Paul Jones Street, Great Lakes, IL 60088
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