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NSTC 1533-101Drug Statement01/23
NSTC 1533-103Statement of Wearing Contact Lenses04/17
NSTC 1533-107Annual Certificate of Physical Condition11/19
NSTC 1533-110NROTC Clothing and Equipment Record06/18
NSTC 1533-111NROTC Ammunition Requirement Request08/17
NSTC 1533-112Navy URL SOU10/23
NSTC 1533-113Individual NROTC Education Program Cost04/17
NSTC 1533-115Academic Term Performance and Counseling Record06/18
NSTC 1533-116Document Register for Supply Actions06/18
NSTC 1533-117Degree Completion Plan08/19
NSTC 1533-119NROTC Student Performance and Counciling Record07/11
NSTC 1533-120NROTC Disenrollment Acknowledgement03/16
NSTC 1533-121NROTC Honor Code04/17
NSTC 1533-123NROTC Disenrollment Authorization03/22
NSTC 1533-124NROTC Appointment Termination Disenrollment Auth03/22
NSTC 1533-126NROTC Acceptance and Oath of Office08/19
NSTC 1533-127SA for Adv Standing CP01/23
NSTC 1533-128Student File Index04/23
NSTC 1533-129Nurse SOU10/23
NSTC 1533-132NROTC Service Agreement Review07/11
NSTC 1533-133NROTC College Program Application08/19
NSTC 1533-135NROTC Scholarship Contract04/17
NSTC 1533-138Physical Activity Risk Factor Questionnaire08/16
NSTC 1533-140Scholarship Questionnaire NROTC06/22
NSTC 1533-153NROTC Drug and Alcohol Understanding11/19
NSTC 1533-154Marine SOU11/22
NSTC 1533-157Officer Interview Form11/22
NSTC 1533-159NROTC Disenrollment Checklist (Fillable)11/19
NSTC 1533-161NROTC Instruction and Manual Change Submission Form06/17
NSTC 1533-162SSMP Appointment Termination Disenrollment Auth08/19
NSTC 1533-163SSMP Disenrollment Recommendation04/17
NSTC 1533-164Overseas Study Cost Sheet Breakdown06/18
NSTC 1533-165Provisional College Program Advanced Standing06/18
NSTC 1533-166SSMP APPlication01/23
NSTC 1533-167SSMP Training And Service Agreement04/23
NSTC 1533-168NROTC Applicant Fitness Assessment10/23
NSTC 1533-169NROTC Accession Questionnaire01/23
NSTC 1533-170NROTC Scholarship11/22
NSTC 1533-171NROTC NSI Info and Package Checklist11/22
NSTC 1533-172NSI Completion Requirements SOU04/23
NSTC 1533-173NROTC Standard Release Form01/23
NSTC 1533-174NROTC NSI New Student Information Sheet01/23
NSTC 1533-178Temporary NROTC Contract Termination08/23
Naval Service Training Command, 2601A Paul Jones Street, Great Lakes, IL 60088
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