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NSTC M-1533.2ERegulations for Officer Development - Full Version with Appendices4/28/2023
NSTC M-1533.2E Appendix AList of Frequently Used Acronyms4/28/2023
NSTC M-1533.2E Appendix BGeneral Guideline for Performance Deficiencies4/28/2023
NSTC M-1533.2E Appendix CNROTC-SSMP Course Revision Process4/28/2023
NSTC M-1533.2E Appendix DMedical Information (Including Pre-Commissioning Process Check List)4/28/2023
NSTC M-1533.2E Appendix EAwards4/28/2023
NSTC M-1533.2E Appendix FPerformance Review Board Guide4/28/2023
NSTC M-1533.2E Appendix GChain of Appeal4/28/2023
NSTC M-1533.2E Appendix HExpense Element Definitions4/28/2023
NSTC M-1533.2E Appendix IUniform Requirements for NROTC4/28/2023
NSTC M-1533.2E Appendix JMarine Option Post-Graduate PTAD-ADSW Orders4/28/2023
NSTC M-1533.2E Appendix KMECEP Guidance4/28/2023
NSTC M-1533.2E Appendix LNSTC ROD Forms and Examples4/28/2023
NSTC M-1533.2E Appendix MAttrition and LOA Codes4/28/2023
NSTC M-1533.2E Appendix NSummary of STA-21(N) Unique Requirements4/28/2023
NSTC M-1533.2E Appendix ONR Interview Prep Checklist4/28/2023
NSTC M-1533.2E Appendix PPerformance Review Board (PRB) and Disenrollment Guidance4/28/2023
NSTC M-1533.2E Appendix QNew Student Orientation (NSO) and Scholarship Activation4/28/2023
NSTC M-1533.2E Appendix RStrategic Sealift Midshipmen Program4/28/2023
NSTC M-1533.2E Appendix SSafety Appendix - Regulations for Officer Development4/28/2023
NSTC M-1533.2D Appendix TNROTC Universal Training Precautions (UTP) and Emergency Action Plan for Sickle Cell Positive (SCTP)4/28/2023
NSTC M-1533.2E Appendix UMarine Corps Enlisted Commissioning Education Program Requirements and Regulations4/28/2023
NSTC M-1533.2E Appendix VSummary of Changes4/28/2023
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