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To ready sea-bound warriors to serve on surface combatants as officers, enlisted engineers, and enlisted navigation professionals in order to fulfill the Navy's mission to maintain global maritime superiority.


A continuously improving, value-based, center of excellence properly resourced and future-focused where students expand and deepen their level of knowledge and grow their experience base in each encounter with the SWSCOLCOM training continuum. Additionally, officers and senior enlisted leaders will sharpen leadership, management and professional skills. Students will develop the necessary perspective to succeed at every level of the surface Navy, culminating – for officers – in command at sea.

Guiding Principles
  • That students acquire the necessary individual and team participation skills essential to succeed in their next sea-duty assignment.
  • That students develop the requisite leadership skills and perspective required for their next sea duty assignment.
  • That SWSCOLCOM quality of life meets the needs of staff, students and their families and that sound working relationships recognizing team accomplishments are fostered.
  • That SWSCOLCOM is recognized as a valued contributor to the surface warfare community.
  • That SWSCOLCOM is recognized as a valued contributor to the civilian and naval community.
  • That SWSCOLCOM accurately accounts for resources and manages them effectively and efficiently, while embracing emerging technologies which further our mission.
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