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 Navy Enlisted
Damage Controlman (DC)
Electrician's Mate (EM)
Engineman (EN)
Gas Turbine System Technician (GS)
Gas Turbine System Technician (Electrical) (GSE)
Gas Turbine System Technician (Mechanical) (GSM)
Hull Maintenance Technician (HT)
Machinist's Mate (Surface) (MM)
Machinery Repairmen (MR)
Quartermaster (QM)
Engineering/Fireman Professional Apprenticeship Track (E-PACT)
 Navy Officers
Surface Warfare (1110, 111X, 113X, 116X, 117X)
Air Warfare (13XX)
Engineering/Repair (Surface) (613X)
Engineering Technician (Surface) (713X)
Nuclear Power LDO (620X)
 International Partners
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