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Navy EOD/ND Preparatory Course (Prep) (four weeks) – The Navy EOD/ND training pipeline starts with preparatory training in Great Lakes, IL. Candidates work on swim stroke development, long-range swims, and physical conditioning. Candidates receive daily human performance coaching on mental resiliency, strength training form, running, swimming, calisthenics, as well as proper rest, recovery and nutrition. Classroom instruction includes introduction to small boat operations, professional military education and risk management.

Navy EOD/ND Assessment and Selection Course (ASC) (four weeks) – After prep, candidates are challenged in a grueling training environment in which they are constantly assessed on their comfort in the water, physical fitness, academic ability, professionalism, and peer rankings. Classroom instruction includes topics such as risk management, dive physics, dive medicine, and Navy maintenance. Daily physical training and assessments are centered around five advanced aquatic adaptability skills, ruck runs, distance swims and a human performance test. At the end of the course, candidates participate in a formal selection board, where a panel of instructors select the best qualified and most likely to successfully complete advanced training.  Selected students graduate and proceed to diver training.

Prep/ASC Topics of Instruction/Graded Events – Topics of Instruction/Graded Events
To learn more about course information and schedules, military personnel may log into the online Catalog of Navy Training Courses (CANTRAC) with a Common Access Card (CAC).
1. Go to CANTRAC (CAC login required) to reach the CANTRAC Volume II site for schedules and course information.
2. Enter either a course title or “CENEODDIVE” to browse all current courses we offer in the search box.
3. Click on submit under Basic Course/Location & Navy eLearning Search Report.
4. Click on specific Course CIN/CDP/Schedules/Quotas for information.
For other students who do not have a CAC, please reach out through the contact form on the CONTACT US page or call or email us.
CEODD Det. Great Lakes
Center for Explosive Ordnance and Diving Detachment Great Lakes
2218 Sampson St.
BLDG 329, Room # 106
Great Lakes, IL 60088
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