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Check-In Procedures:
1. All students are required to be in the Uniform of the Day when reporting aboard. 
2. Students should report no less than one workday prior to class convening to allow sufficient time for in-processing. 
3. Upon arrival, all students will report to the Center for Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Diving (CEODD) Detachment Great Lakes (DET GL) Barracks (USS Franklin – Bldg 833) for orders endorsement and further direction.  Barracks phone number is 847-688-6819. CEODD DET GL CDO phone number is 850-832-6239.  
4. After check-in at the barracks, and if during normal working hours (0700 – 1530 Monday through Friday), all students shall report to CEODD DET GL, Bldg. 329, Rm 106, Great Lakes, IL 60088. The phone number is 847-688-4686 ext. 115. If after normal working hours or during weekends and holidays all students must report to the Bachelor’s Quarters, Bldg. 833, USS Franklin staff at phone number 847-688-6819 or contact the CEODD DET GL CDO at 850-832-6239.
5. Students will check in at CEODD DET GL Admin (Bldg 329; Rm 106) the next business day @0645.
CEODD Det. Great Lakes
Center for Explosive Ordnance and Diving Detachment Great Lakes
2218 Sampson St.
BLDG 329, Room # 106
Great Lakes, IL 60088
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