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U.S. Navy Cryptologic Technician Technical (CTT) students learn about maintaining the AN/SLQ-32(V)6 shipboard electronic warfare suite using the interactive Multipurpose Reconfigurable Training System 3 Dimensional (MRTS 3D®) technology during a CTT “A” School class at Information Warfare Training Command Corry Station.

NETCINST 5450.11D Mission, Functions, and Tasks of the Center for Information Warfare Training


To deliver trained information warfare professionals to the Navy and joint services, enabling optimal performance of information warfare across the full spectrum of military operations.

Mission Implementation Plan

Deliver Information Warfare Professionals Ready for Warfighting on Day One

We will ensure everyone we train, regardless of whether new accession or fleet-returnee, meets all academic and administrative requirements to be tactically and technically proficient, in order to deliver warfighting effects immediately upon graduation. We will develop and execute domain-wide solutions to improve the speed and efficiency of curriculum development and delivery to the fleet in order to respond to the rapidly changing maritime and cyber domains.


Be a Facts-Based, Results-Driven Organization

The successes of the Information Warfare Community have come when we have relied on a dispassionate view of the operating environment. This sets the conditions for us to amass a questioning mindset and a bias toward creativity and innovation, in order to enable decision-making and achieve results. We will embrace data-driven, informed analysis as the basis of our decision-making, and share those methodologies across the domain to improve transparency, accountability, teamwork, and staff engagement.


Exist as a Culture of Excellence

We are best when we operate at the highest of standards. The interactions Sailors have with our learning sites may be among the first they have with the Navy, and are therefore likely to be the most impactful. Our day-to-day conduct and our ability to do the routine well and consistently, especially within student administration, is among the ways that we demonstrate a culture of excellence. Keep in mind, how we interact with one another sets the standard going forward for our student population. We will serve as an advocate for our subordinate commands, working with them to remove barriers and maintain accountability so our learning sites can focus on producing the next generation of Information Warfare professionals and warfighters.


To be the Navy's principal cutting-edge training organization that rapidly meets Fleet requirements by providing graduates prepared to fight and win across all aspects of Information Warfare.


Focus every decision, every effort, every dollar on ensuring excellence in the graduates we deliver to the fleet
Be innovative and leverage all available processes, procedures, system, technology, and resources to create and maintain the most effective training solutions

Partner with stakeholders and customers, actively soliciting feedback and building positive communications for constant improvement

Work as a team to achieve and maintain the highest standards
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