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We train fleet Sailors and Marines who deploy forward to execute the Navy’s mission, defending our nation and supporting its interests around the world.

Enduring Priorities

Critical to the overall, long-term success of CNATTU Keesler’s mission, Sailors and Marines.

•Curriculum Management and Execution – Flawless delivery of each lesson, adapting to ensure relevance, in accordance with approved processes, to meet the needs of the fleet. This involves regular assessment of instructors, students and courses and requires timely feedback.

•Team Development – Personal and professional growth of the CNATTU Keesler Team and Team members, to include families. This ensures a healthy, fit and resilient Naval Force to execute missions today and into the future.

•Process Improvement – A continuous review of how CNATTU Keesler operates, updating and improving the governing guidelines as required. This means not accepting “this is how we’ve always done it” without a review of guidance and a consideration of ways to improve.

As we execute the command’s mission and priorities, we do so with a focus on the following:

•Growth and Humility: Be committed to learning – from failure and success – and use the lessons to grow as a Sailor or Marine and as a Person. Attend to the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional fitness needs of yourself and your family. Communicate often and be open to asking for, accepting, and providing assistance – we are part of a team, at work and home, where success is contingent upon growing together. Strive to improve in all you do!

•Integrity and Respect: Your character defines you – be honest and moral. Respect yourselves, each other and the values we – as a Command, a Navy-Marine Corps Team, and a Nation – stand for. Remember Ship, Shipmates, Self.

•Purpose and Pride: Know who you are, what you are, and why you are – as a Sailor or Marine and as a Person – and why you are important. Hold yourselves, your shipmates and the Command to the highest possible standard. Be proud of yourselves, what you represent and the team you are a part of so others will want to emulate you and follow you.
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