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Report in uniform of the day to building 4331 (Allee Hall), Monday through Thursday (6:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.) and Friday (7:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.). Allee Hall is located on the corner of Meadows drive and H street. After hours and on weekends, report to the Navy barracks, building 7330 (Alho Manor) at the end of Galaxy street inside the triangle. The barracks quarterdeck number is (228) 377-9067. All students shall have a full seabag compliment.


You will most likely travel on Interstate 10. Signs on the interstate will direct you to the I-110 spur (Exit 46) that leads to Biloxi and Keesler. Exit I-110 at U.S. 90 West, and take it to the second traffic light, White Avenue, then turn right. White Avenue leads to Keesler's main gate. Proceed through the main gate and follow Larcher Avenue to Meadows Drive. Turn left on Meadows drive and follow it to First Street. Turn right on to First Street then left into the parking lot on the left hand side of First Street. An alternate route from I-110 after you come over the bridge, take the first exit and veer off to the right until you come to a stop sign. Make a left and follow on to Meadows Drive and make a right. This will take you to the back gate of Keesler. Follow Meadows drive to First Street. Turn right on to First Street then left into the parking lot on the left hand side.

You have four options: New Orleans (MSY) International Airport, Mobile (MOB) Regional Airport, and Gulfport-Biloxi International (GPT) Airport by commercial air, and Keesler (BIX) by military air. Local taxicab and limousine service to Keesler is available from the New Orleans and Gulfport airports. Travelers should arrive with sufficient funds to defray the cost of local ground transportation. Current information on commercial flights and reservations can be obtained from any Scheduled Airline Ticket Office.

Two major bus lines offer scheduled service to Biloxi. Commercial taxicab transportation is available from downtown Biloxi bus terminals to Keesler AFB. To obtain transportation from Gulfport-Biloxi Regional Airport, the only mode of transportation currently available is through taxicab services. There are normally cabs located at the terminal during operating hours. The cost is approximately $25 to $30.
Call us for taxi cab companies that service the base or you may find ground transportation options on the airport websites.

**You will be reimbursed for this expenditure so please get a receipt to turn in with your travel claim. If you do not have any money or cannot otherwise obtain transportation call the Quarterdeck or the CDO at the numbers provided above for further instructions and assistance. Military taxi service is furnished only when the entire travel is performed via government transportation**
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