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Our mission is to provide world class professional aviation warriors to the fleet supporting combat readiness anywhere on the globe; all the while taking good care of our people, families and being good neighbors and stewards in the city of Pensacola and surrounding region. WE WIN WITH PEOPLE!


It is my intent to unleash initiative and to pursue an efficient and dynamic learning environment that solidifies NATTC as the premiere training command in the Navy and Marine Corps. Navy Leader Development Framework 3.0 and the three lanes of Competence, Character and Connections will ensure we actively recruit only the highest quality Leaders and subject matter experts. Leaders and Experts that develop, deliver, and leverage technology optimize efficient performance for our Navy, Marine Corps, and foreign national students. Furthermore, we will provide the most up-to-date and relevant training available to our Sailors and Marines ensuring naval aviation’s success in peacetime and VICTORY during wartime.

Guiding Principles

Leadership and Professionalism – World-class leadership is our Navy’s decisive advantage. The core of NATTC is World-Class Leaders and Instructors. Our first and foremost priority is to ensure that our Instructors are qualified to lead and prepared to instruct and mentor Sailors and Marines. As Leaders you are Masters of your craft. Be competent in your skills and let your performance speak for itself. Be “Brilliant on the Basics.” Do the right thing in everything you do and in everything we accomplish as a team. Strive for perfection! While doing so we will exceed expectations and consistently achieve excellence.

Safety – Safety is PARAMOUNT in everything we do just as it is with technical competence. Make safety an active component of everything we do. It is not a stand-alone program and stems from the mindset of being professional and deliberate in everything we do on and off-duty. Do not become safety complacent. Use the ORM process, conduct confirmation briefs, never sound liberty call without a safety message, use the buddy system, and send no Sailor or Marine where you cannot find them.

Accountability – First as Leaders we are accountable for our actions and actions of those we supervise. If corrective actions are necessary, have the moral courage to take charge. Lead and fix what needs to be fixed.

Maintenance - Maintaining our trainers, equipment and vehicles is critical in our ability to prepare Sailors and Marines for the Fleet. Abuse/neglect directly impact our effectiveness, efficiency and readiness. It is our responsibility to tax payers to maintain and preserve our trainers. This will take Leadership.

Communication – We must be honest and constant. Bad news gets worse with time, so tell it like it is; I need “straight shooters” to keep the team informed of our capabilities, limitations and options so that the best decisions are made. Your opinion matters!

Dignity and Respect – Respect yourself. Respect each other. Treat people right. Respect the reputation of your Command. We value each person’s contributions and respect our differences. We are fair, transparent and honest in all our interactions in order to build relations of trust. TRUST IS THE FOUNDATION OF STRONG TEAMS.

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