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The reviewing officer, Rear Adm. Craig T. Mattingly (front), Commander, Naval Service Training Command, and Capt. Kenneth Froberg, commanding officer, Recruit Training Command (RTC), inspect the newest Sailors at RTC’s Pass-in-Review in Great Lakes, Illinois, Feb. 1, 2024. More than 40,000 Recruits train annually at the Navy's only boot camp (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Christopher M. O'Grady)


Please Note:
Next board: 20-22 August 2024

Deadline for Applications:  Postmarked No Later Than - 26 July 2024
Application can be emailed to: ( click to email application )



The process for becoming an NJROTC instructor is to apply for certification. After you are certified you can then apply for one the many vacancies in high schools around the country.

***March 2024 - NJROTC Certification Board Results***

Congratulations To The Newly Selected NJROTC Certifications

Acheampong, Nicholas S / HMCM Erieg, Brett R / OSCS Jones, Joshua T / STSC Pearson, Daniel B / LT
Adams, Clifford V / ABH1 Esquivel, Ruben / Maj Juarez, Jason L / HMCM Peterson, Sheltric / LCDR
Ambrosi, Christopher L / LCDR Ezell, Teddy L / NCC Keller, Kathryn N / QMC Pope, Dollneshia S / NC1
Antencio, Jean C / HMC Farrish, Taylor N / AEC Kipe, Samuel R / FCC Post, Joshua A / MKC
Arteaga, Maria E / PSCS Favors, Jillian L / FCC Klop, Patricia S / Col Primeaux, Lynn J / CDR
Baker, Albert R / CAPT Ferrer, Alimar S / 1stSgt Krum, Daniel S / YNC Reyes, Dennis J / ICC
Beach, Jon L / HMC Fillmore, Randy A / LSCS Landress, Heath N / NCC Reynolds, Walter A / CDR
Beaufort, Deandre D / CMDCM Finley, Felipe P / LCDR Langlais, Lenora C / CDR Rhodes, Landell T / ITCM
Billman, Jasen V / AWFC Firkins, Christopher L / OSC Lawrence, Welton / CDR Rivera, Enrique / Maj
Black, Dwayne R / ABHC Fowler, Donald W / AMC Lay, Nathan P / AWOC Robinson, Mark D / MKC
Bland, LaShan D / 1stSgt Franklin, Ray C / CWO3 Leonard, Eugenia L / LT Rodriguez, Richard M / LT
Boerner, Theodore J / NCCS Fremin, Devin N / BMC Lewis, Kevin J / NCC Rolonsoto, Salathiel / MACS
Bolden, William E / AOCS Frost, Allen S / CWO4 Lopez, Tomas / MGySgt Schmidt, Jeffrey A / EO1
Bove, Heather L / LT Garner, Jeremy D / NCCS Lyons, Thomas D / MSgt Scott, Willie E / EMCS
Brandes, Sean J / CAPT Garza, Jose L / NCC Martinez, Jesus R / CTIC Scullin, Keven D / ASCS
Brockington, Benny / CWO5 Gianfagna, Thomas F / ITCS Mathes, Robert R / ATCS Semple, Sefton H / AOC
Brown, Phillip C / CECS Gilbert, Rayford S / GySgt Matthew, Anthony C / NCCS Shannon, Karl J / CSCM
Brownlow, James B / NCC Giles, Karl G / CAPT McCartney, Robert S / AVCM Sheriff, Ahamed H / ACCS
Burch-Bynum, Melvin D / Maj Golden, Matthew W / SgtMaj McDonald, Zachary A / RPC Sherlock, Bryan P / CWO4
Cales, Elijah B / HMC Gonzalez, Omar / EMCS McGill, Douglas A / GySgt Slutz, Damon M / CDR
Callesen, Richard O / CDR Gonzalez, Rochard J / LCDR Meily, Gabriel S / 1stSgt Smith, Allen E / SgtMaj
Campbell, James C / CDR Grant, Alexander L / EODCS Mendoza, Juzebonnie / OSCS Snyder, Travis M / CWO3
Castelli, Anthony J / CMC Gregg, John P / CAPT Miller, Aubin L / CTTC Stevenson, Michael E / BMCS
Claiborne, Sorrells / BMCM Gualandi, Thomas D / LtCol Miller, Brian J / CAPT Taylor, Shawn R / MGySgt
Cole, Mamudu K / CMDCM Guillen, Michael A / NCC Milligan, Vernon A / CMDCM Thomas, Sarah L / IS1
Coleman, Jamane / MMC Gutierrez, John J / Maj Mills, Ivan / HMC Truett, John R / NC1
Collazo, Jesus M / CSCS Hall, James A / CDR Mitchell, Robert S / CAPT Vargas, Steven C / LCDR
Collins, Clifford / CAPT Harkin, William M / CAPT Morgan, William S / PRCS Villafana, Raul / NCCS
Copes, Marius R / HMC Harn, Gary R / YNCS Murray, Christopher D / AMTC Villalobos, Nelson P / CWO2
Cormier, Dustin P / HM1 Hawkins, Lugene / PSC Musfeldt, Brian L / CDR Vinas, Richard R / NCC
Crumrine, Gregory D / AETCS Heery, Sean M / LtCol Nelson, Paul M / HM1 Walker, Shunika N / NCC
Daniels, Taylor L / YNC HernandezVelasquez, Carlos F / MSgt Nelson, Richard A / BMC Wallace, Jonathan N / LCDR
Deaton, Dustin J / MGySgt Herzog, Terry J / Maj Normand, Mitchell W / CDR Ward, Jonathan N / MUCM
Decker, Travis J / AEC Hice, David L / ISC Orjuela, Carlos A / SgtMaj Washington, Michelle D / LT
Deleon, Armando A / MACS Holmes, Michael G / AOC Ortega, Martin / GySgt Watkins, Clinton W / Capt
Diaz, Roberto C / MMC Holt, Don A / QMC Ortiz, Jason / AOC Weist, Kyle A / CDR
Dowling, Christopher E / CWO3 Infante, Ely O / CDR Page, Lance T / LT Wheeler, Jeremy A / Maj
Drozdowski, Tad F / CDR Ipkovich, Andrew S / CDR Palmer, Toby W / LCDR Whyte, Kristian J / AECS
Dyer, Tony D / NCCM Jackson, Michael S / CAPT Paredes, Rocio / PSCS Wood, Brian M / LCDR
East, Donte V / OS1 Jak, Eric M / CWO4 Patel, Prasant I / NC1 Wright, David E / Maj
      Zintel, Willard P / CTRCS




Who are the NJROTC Instructors?

NJROTC instructors are sea service personnel certified by NSTC and employed by school districts hosting NJROTC units.  The Department Head of Naval Science at a school hosting an NJROTC program is called the Senior Naval Science Instructor (SNSI). The SNSI is the commissioned officer or Warrant Officer (with a Bachelor’s degree or greater) employed by the school. Enlisted personnel or warrant officers and LDOs without degrees employed by the school in the NJROTC program are called Naval Science Instructors (NSI).

To be eligible for certification, applicants must:

  • Have at least 20 years of active duty service in the United States Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard as commissioned officers in grades W-2 through O-6, or as non-commissioned officers in grades E-6 through E-9; and
  • Be in a retired or Fleet Reserve status not more than 6 years; or
  • Have been approved for retirement benefits within the past 6 years under the Temporary Early Retirement Authority (TERA) with 15 to 19 years of active duty service in the Navy; or
  • Be retired Naval Reserve members who are not yet receiving retirement benefits (i.e. “gray area” retirees); or
  • Have been approved for retirement benefits from the United States Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard for a medical disability within the past 6 years; and
  • Have attained the following educational degree requirements:
    • Senior Naval Science Instructor - Bachelor's degree from accredited college or university recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.
    • Naval Science Instructor - Associate's degree from accredited college or university recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or must obtain one within 5 years of initial employment as a result of the FY 2007 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

If you do not already have an associate's degree, a great way to start would be to access your SMART transcripts and have them reviewed for college credit. In addition, you could work with you education officer to CLEPP as many courses as possible. YOU MAY BE CLOSER TO A DEGREE THAN YOU THINK!

USEFUL INFORMATION: Navy College or SOCNAV issues credits based on the authority that the individual Sailor/Marine has already proven he/she can work, supervise, manage, and complete the necessary tasks and skills at the higher rank level, but is unable to be selected for the higher grade via the selection boards due to high exam multiples, promotion ceilings, etc. The Navy/Marine Corps feels that if the Sailor/Marine is scoring high enough to pass the exam and has proven he/she has the knowledge to operate at the next level, credit should be given.

To obtain this credit, military members need to access the BUPERS website and print an exam profile sheet for the next higher pay grade. Upon obtaining the profile sheet, members must have it "certified to be a true copy" (this can be done by a supervisor of higher rank) and mail that to the Navy College Center at where they will evaluate and add the credit to the member’s transcript, even though actual promotion was not attained for the next higher grade. Navy College Center is very good and will usually take two weeks to post on the member's Joint Service Transcript (JST, formerly SMART).

To update other information on the JST go to:

Once employed, you will be required to attend a Navy-sponsored instructor training seminar. You must also complete the training requirements for Department of Defense JROTC Instructor Advanced Certification within two years of your initial date of employment. In addition, the state in which you accept employment may have additional requirements you must meet. Specific instructor qualification requirements will remain the decision of the local school officials.

NJROTC instructors are conspicuous military representatives in the civilian community. As such, they are expected to uphold traditional military standards of decorum and personal appearance. Instructors are required to wear the prescribed uniform while instructing and at other appropriate times. Cost of uniform acquisition and maintenance is borne by the individual instructor. Particular attention to the maintenance of proper uniforms and personal appearance standards is essential. Instructors must meet the Navy screening tables for weight by height or the percent of body fat standards set in OPNAVINST 6110.1H.

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What are the duties of the NJROTC Instructors?

The SNSIs shall perform those duties pursuant to current regulations, policies, and procedures as established by NSTC and the host school. The SNSI also reports to the NJROTC Area Manager for administrative and logistical support. The NSI assists the SNSI, and shares workload duties as assigned by the SNSI. In addition to the specific duties listed below, they may perform those collateral duties normally performed by and rotated among other faculty members, providing such duties do not interfere with the administration and operation of the NJROTC program. Specific duties and responsibilities of the SNSI and NSI include:

  • Teaching the prescribed 3- or 4-year Naval Science curriculum.
  • Instructing in military drill.
  • Counseling students in the NJROTC program.
  • Writing/updating lesson plans for the NJROTC curriculum and other lesson preparation requirements.
  • Mentoring cadets and assisting with higher education or employment opportunities and goals.
  • Requisitioning all government furnished equipment (includes uniforms, training aids, books, drill rifles, air rifles, and organizational equipment).
  • Arranging for cleaning and tailoring of uniforms.
  • Surveying old and worn uniforms and other government property.
  • Performing simple preventive maintenance of training aids and devices.
  • Inventory control of all government furnished equipments/materials (including annual wall-to-wall inventory).
  • Ensuring proper physical security of all government furnished equipment/materials.
  • Planning extracurricular activities for the NJROTC unit (including color/honor guard ceremonies, drill team and rifle teams competitive meets, field trips, basic leadership training, ship cruises, etc.).
  • Preparing periodic reports on program administration and logistics.
  • Keeping current and abreast of new developments and organizations within the Navy.
  • Assessing unit progress to assure NJROTC program objectives are met.
  • Attending Navy-sponsored training to keep abreast of current requirements of program management.
  • Taking courses of instruction to improve teaching abilities.
  • Establishing rapport with school counselors and faculty members.
  • Making annual presentations of the NJROTC program to students at feeder schools for the purpose of recruiting new cadets into the program.
  • Maintaining financial accounts of operating budget.
  • Preparing financial vouchers to the Navy for reimbursement of expenditures to the school, made in support of the NJROTC program.
  • Establishing contact with civic groups to obtain their recognition and support of the NJROTC program.
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How are applicants certified as NJROTC Instructors?

NJROTC Instructor Certification Boards are convened semi-annually by the Naval Service Training Command (NSTC), usually in the Spring and Fall. Dates for the convening of the board and the application due date are published at the top of this page .  The Navy Personnel Command (NAVPERSCOM) requires specific information 30 days prior to the convening date of the board to ensure the applicant's service record will be available for review by the board members. NSTC (NJROTC) furnishes this information to NAVPERSCOM based on information contained in the NJROTC Instructor Certification Application (NSTC Form 5761/106 (08-22)). The board is normally composed of a President, five officers, one enlisted, one recorder and an assistant recorder, and is usually in session for 1 week. The board will review each applicant’s entire service record. Applicant’s should obtain a copy of their service record and review its content. Applicants shall ensure that any adverse information contained in their service record is disclosed on their initial certification application. Results of the board may be obtained by visiting the NJROTC website after authorization to release the results has been granted (approximately three weeks from the last day of the board process). Applicants will be individually notified via letter after the board has adjourned. Certification dates will be noted and can be found on our website,, under “Instructor Application Process”. The instructor certification will remain valid for 3 years except for applicants who have been retired from active duty for more than 3 years. While employed, certification is extended on a year-to-year basis. Instructors whose employment at a school ends through no fault of their own (e.g., unit closure) or to accept another position will retain their certification for 1 year from the date of termination. If not reemployed in the program within the 1-year period, application for recertification may be made to NSTC (NJROTC) within 6 years following termination of employment at a unit.

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What is the application procedure?

Eligible sea service personnel may apply for a 3 year certification as a SNSI or NSI. If not employed within that 3 year period, applicants may request an additional 3 year certification via recertification (note below). However, applicants must be certified and employed within 6 years from active duty retirement. Personnel, who have been medically retired with less than 20 years of active duty service, are not eligible until they are receiving permanent retired pay. Active duty personnel within 1 year of retirement may apply for certification.

Applicants must complete the NJROTC Instructor Certification Application (NSTC Form 5761/106 (08-22)) and NJROTC Photograph Submission Sheet (NSTC Form 5761/108 (11-12)). These forms are located on the "Instructor Application Required Forms" TAB contained on this page Current photograph (not more than 1 year old). The uniform for this photograph shall be Khaki or, Navy Service uniform to provide maximum photographic clarity. (Navy E-6 applicants may also wear Dress White depending on the season). Coast Guard applicants are to be photographed in a uniform comparable to that specified for Navy applicants. The photograph shall display a full-length three-quarter view of the applicant in the prescribed uniform, uncovered, with the left shoulder forward, against a plain contrasting background, in a size approximately 4 inches in width and 5 inches in height. Background shall be flat and provide sufficient contrast to highlight details of the uniform. When an authorized Navy photographic laboratory or an alternate support facility is unavailable, any photograph may be produced via cell phone, digital camera, laptop/notebook which complies, as closely as possible, with the requirements specified above. For officers, these are the same requirements specified for official file photographs. Photographs must be stapled to the NJROTC Photograph Submission Sheet (NSTC Form 5761/108 (11-12)); do not leave photo loosely in the envelope.

Current height/weight (not more than 1 year old) shall be provided on page three of the instructor application. It must also be signed and stamped by a health care professional. No action will be taken on an application in which the applicant does not meet the Body Composition Assessment standards in the Navy’s Physical Readiness Program Operating Guidelines:

A Navy interview is required for the certification process. The applicant must contact the NJROTC Area Manager nearest to their location or preferably in the area the applicant wishes to be employed to schedule the interview. You may schedule the interview after the application is mailed into NSTC (address on page five of the application). Do not wait for the interview to be accomplished prior to sending in the application or you will miss the postmark deadline for the board. Simply put the name of the area manager and the date the interview is scheduled on page five of the application. The NJROTC Area Managers Directory may be accessed on the website at The applicant must make all arrangements and bear any costs of the interview (including travel). However, the Area Manager will make every effort to schedule the interview as close as possible to the applicant's location. Interviews may be accomplished via telephone or any online service (such as Microsoft Teams or Skype). Active duty applicants assigned overseas may ask a senior naval officer at their location to conduct the interview, then add the name of the Instructor and the date of the interview on page 5 of the instructor application.

Copy of any degree and transcript is a requirement to the application process.  Please include when you mail in the application or send in prior to the board convening date (as noted on our website).

Coast Guard applicants must complete the full application and submit a copy of the applicant’s service record.  The application may be mailed to NSTC Pensacola prior to requesting Coast Guard officials to provide a copy of the applicant's service record for review by the certification board. Coast Guard applicants that are still active duty, may go to and fill out the proper forms.  Those Coast Guard applicants that are retired must write to Personnel Service Center, ATTN:  BOPS-MR, US Coast Guard stop 7200, 2703 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE, Washingon DC 20593-7200(phone number 703-872-6392 for more information), cite the Privacy Act, and request that the service record be mailed directly to: Naval Service Training Command, NJROTC Program, ATTN Instructor Administration, 320A Dewey Ave Bldg 3 Rm 106, Great Lakes, IL  60088-2912. The service record copy will be returned to the applicant after review by the NJROTC Instructor Certification Board.

Marine Corps applicants must provide the entire NJROTC Instructor Application and a copy of their Marine Corps Certification letter.  You may mail the instructor application prior to receiving your Marine Corps Certification Letter.  Please note that the Application must be postmarked on or before the deadline for all applicants, and the Marine Corps JROTC Instructor Certification letter must be received by NSTC Great Lakes prior to the board convening date. Those who have previously served or are currently serving as instructors with the Marine Corps JROTC, must also provide Instructor Evaluations covering the last 3 years of employment as an instructor. If an instructor has worked for less than three years, provide evaluations for the period of employment. If formal instructor evaluations are not available, a letter from a school or district administrator documenting performance must be provided.

Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (MCJROTC) Certification can be obtained from Head Training Programs Branch, Training and Education Division C462JR, 1019 Elliott Road, Quantico, VA 22134-5012, or telephone at (703)784-3705/DSN 278-3705 or visit

Naval Reserve personnel must also include the STATEMENT of SERVICE for NAVAL RESERVE RETIREMENT.

What is the re-certification procedure?

Those applicants who want to be re-certified in the NJROTC Program must send in a narrative of what you have been doing since first being certified in our program, to include jobs, volunteer positions, education and any information that you want to be reviewed along with your original application.  You must include a current mailing address, email address, home/work and cell phone numbers and area of consideration for possible hire.  Also needed are: current photograph, current height/weight information completed by a health care professional and finally an interview via the Area Manager closest to you (all as noted above).

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How do certified instructors seek employment?

Upon certification as an instructor in the NJROTC program, personnel will be furnished a letter of certification. Current vacancy information may be obtained at the following website (  NJROTC Area Managers are available to assist prospective instructors in securing employment. However, it is the responsibility of the individual to establish contact with host schools and to arrange for employment interviews. The cost of travel to/from employment interviews must be borne by the individual or school.  A list of all certified applicants is provided to area managers and school officials with vacancies periodically.  To ensure updated contact information is provided to hiring officials, the applicant is encouraged to provide updated information as needed to the NJROTC Instructor Administration office by calling (847) 688-4862 or (847) 688-5454 extension 272, or email NJROTC Instructor Administration.

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What is the NJROTC Instructor/Host School relationship?

In order that the maximum coordination possible is achieved between the NJROTC unit and other academic departments, the staff of the Department of Naval Science shall be given full membership in the high school's faculty in appropriate ranks and be accorded the rights and privileges of faculty members. The SNSI is the Naval Science Department Head, and is accorded the same privileges as other host school department heads. It is desired that the SNSI encourage the high school authorities, when appropriate, to use the naval science staff members on faculty committees in order that their services may be used in the same manner as are the services of all other members of the faculty.

The selection and employment of retired officer and enlisted personnel for duty with NJROTC units and relief there from are functions of the local institution. Although retired personnel hired as NJROTC instructors are employees of the school, and are responsible to the school administrators, NSTC retains ultimate responsibility and authority for the NJROTC program. Therefore, it is expected that the instructors will meet requirements and standards prescribed by NSTC, as well as those of the host school administration.

All traditional military courtesies and respect will be accorded SNSIs/NSIs by virtue of their rank or rate; however, they are in a civilian status while employed in the NJROTC program.

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Is there a special training or course for NJROTC instructors?

New Instructor Orientation Training (NIOT) seminar course of instruction to indoctrinate new SNSIs and NSIs is held annually, normally the end of July. Once hired, all instructors are required to attend this orientation training during the first year of their employment to complete the certification process.

Schools are requested to provide travel funds to the instructor. A letter will be sent to the instructor announcing the training and indicating the amount of per diem/travel expenses authorized. Schools will be reimbursed by NSTC upon submittal of a Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) claim.

Personnel still on active duty (or terminal leave) at the time of the orientation training, but who have signed a contract with the school, may be issued Temporary Additional Duty orders by their command using NSTC accounting data.

The NJROTC New Instructor Orientation Training prerequisite online course via DoD Learn website is completed prior to the NIOT seminar. Additional courses will be provided to enhance professional skills and development online and at Area In Service Training throughout the year as prescribed by NSTC or for advanced certification.

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How are Instructor salaries determined?

** Minimum Salary. Personnel employed shall receive a salary at least equal to the difference between their retired pay and the active duty pay and allowances, excluding incentive pay, which they would receive if ordered to active duty. The institution is the employing agency and shall pay at least the full salary due to the individual employed. The amount reimbursed to the school is one-half of the minimum salary for each instructor.

** Minimum Salary Changes. The minimum salary for instructors normally changes once a year. The January adjustment is based on changes in active duty pay and allowances and retired CPI adjustments. NSTC CD will provide individual instructors with written notification of changes as they occur. The school notification will be routed via the instructor.

** Method of Salary Reimbursement Computation. The reimbursement computation shall be based on a 30-day month. When employment begins or ends during the month, pay entitlement will be 1/30 of the minimum monthly salary for each day of the employment. For example: An instructor hired on the 10th day of any month, including February, shall be paid for 21 days (30 days less 9 days not employed = 21). The computation for a minimum monthly salary of $2,557.52 divided by 30 = $85.25 x 21 = $1,790.25 (minimum to be paid by school). Reimbursement by the Navy to the school would be $1,790.25 divided by 2 = $895.13. The Navy is prohibited from reimbursing the school for personnel still on active duty, i.e., terminal leave.

** Relocation Costs. If relocation is necessary to secure employment, it is the responsibility of selected instructors to relocate at their own expense to the area where they are hired. The Navy interposes no objection if the school provides reimbursement for all or part of these expenses. This subject should be discussed during the employment interview.

** Benefits. Instructors in the NJROTC program normally receive the same benefits (sick leave, vacation, holiday, retirement, etc.) afforded other teachers in the local school district. It is highly recommended, however, that such benefits be thoroughly discussed in the employment interview.

** Employment Notification. Applicants must notify their local area manager of initial date of employment. However, in order to expedite NJROTC instructor pay computations upon employment, the following documentation must be forwarded to the NJROTC instructor pay desk:

  1. A copy of discharge DD214 (MEMBER COPY-4).
  2. A copy of your current Retiree Account Statement (RAS) from Defense Finance Accounting Service (DFAS), Cleveland, OH.
  3. Form DD2767, Dec 1998 (JROTC Instructor Annual Certification of Pay and Data Form).
  4. Form DD2754, Dec 1998 (JROTC Instructor Pay Certification Worksheet for Entitlement Computation). For those instructors who are authorized to draw Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) with dependents, a copy of your marriage certificate/license or final divorce decree should accompany the DD2754.

Mail all documents together to the following address: Naval Service Training Command, NJROTC Program, ATTN Instructor Benefits, 320A Dewey Ave Bldg 3 Rm 106, Great Lakes, IL  60088-2912. For further assistance, call the Instructor Pay desk at DSN 922-9490 or (850) 452-9490.

** Additional Duties. The primary responsibility of the SNSI and NSI employed by an institution with an NJROTC unit shall be that of instruction and administration of the NJROTC program. Compensation for duties assigned by the institution other than NJROTC duties, shall be resolved by the NJROTC instructor and the local institution officials on a separate contractual basis.

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NJROTC Instructor Application - Required Forms



Below are Instructor Application Required Forms. To view or print PDF forms you must have a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader - Free Download


Screening Tables for Weight by Height

NJROTC and NNDCC Instructor Certification Application v2(PDF Format)

Photograph Submission Sheet (PDF Format)


NJROTC Gray Area Reservists



To view or print PDF forms you must have a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader - Free Download

Click here to open and print "Eligibility Information for Naval Reservists" PDF file

NJROTC Medically Retired


Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard active duty, or reserve members, E-6 to O-6, who have been retired for a medical disability may also be eligible to participate. Please contact the program office at (847) 688-4862 or (847) 688-5454 extension 107 or 272 for more information.

Naval Service Training Command, NJROTC Program, 320A Dewey Ave Bldg 3 Rm 106, Great Lakes IL 60088-2912 
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