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Quotes from Community Leaders  

Quotes from Community Leaders


Quotes from community leaders who have an NJROTC Unit

"Parents and students have indicated that a marked improvement in student self-discipline, motivation, and self-reliance is apparent after a short time in the program."

"NJROTC teachers provide valuable counseling to their students who may be experiencing difficulty in other subjects or in other ways at school. They are real pupil advocates and advocates for their program...The NJROTC program is a definite asset to the total school and community."

"NJROTC cadets can always be relied upon to help out around campus and in the community when extra hands are needed. Their community service activities have brought positive recognition to our school and school district."

"In some instances over the years, students have stated that the only reason they have not dropped out of school is the NJROTC program and the feeling of "family" and belonging they have felt from the instructors and students."

"The NJROTC program has been a tremendous experience for our school and community...Our participants have won numerous 1st place trophies, ribbons, pins, plaques, and awards since the program began."

"The NJROTC program allows the young person to learn morals and concepts so lacking in not just our society today, but in many homes. They learn self-discipline, helping others, a respect not just for country but for themselves, leadership, and how to make decisions."

"Parents, teachers and administrators give the NJROTC cadets high praise for the many ways their involvement is seen at school. Cadets develop a sense of responsibility from the program and from the various types of community involvement in which they participate, such as color guard at various school assemblies here and at other schools, drill performances in parades and other school and civic functions, as well as many other school activities."

"Often students substitute NJROTC instructors for the fathers they either have never had or do not now have at home. Students feel comfortable sharing their personal problems with the NJROTC instructors and do not hesitate to approach the instructors with their problems."

"The NJROTC program provides service to the community and city. Its members are active in serving the less fortunate, the poor, and the needy. They have marched in parades and have been of service to all facets of the school. There is a high quality of esprit de corps and camaraderie in their commitment to excellence."

"I view the NJROTC program as an integral part of the curriculum of our comprehensive high school. From an academic standpoint, the course content reinforces the educational objectives of essential courses such as English, Science, Mathematics, History, and Social Studies. In addition, the focus on leadership and citizenship is very visible as I witness cadet participation in every aspect of school and community life."


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