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Limited Duty Officer/Warrant Officer/Chief Warrant Officer Academy     


LDO/WO/CWO Academy will provide you with three weeks of leadership training. If you have any questions, please consult the information included in the LDO/WO/CWO Academy website or the Academy Deputy Director (401) 841-3358, Mon. - Fri. from 0800-1600 EST.
Director's Pre-Arrival Letter


Welcome to Limited Duty Officer/Warrant Officer/Chief Warrant Officer (LDO/WO/CWO) Academy. This school is one of four officer accession programs operating at Officer Training Command Newport (OTCN). The LDO/WO/CWO Academy is the final step of your transition into the Naval Officer Corps. This course is comprehensive, intense, and designed to reinforce your understanding of the responsibilities as a Naval Officer.

We look forward to your arrival. Check into the NGIS building as early as possible the day before your class convenes. You will report to Callaghan Hall (Building 370), Room 301, at 0700 in your NWUs with the required paperwork listed under the Required Paperwork/Items "tab" on this page. After reading this website in its entirety, please consult the phone numbers at the bottom of the Frequently Asked Questions "tabbed" section on this page if you have additional questions.

CAPT Alcorn
Commanding Officer
Officer Training Command Newport


LDO/CWO Plaque



Limited Duty Officer/Warrant Officer/Chief Warrant Officer (LDO/WO/CWO) Academy

The Limited Duty Officer/Warrant Officer/Chief Warrant Officer (LDO/WO/CWO) Academy is a three week course designed to complete the transition of prior senior enlisted Sailors for their new roles in the wardroom per the Navy’s Officer Professional Core Competencies.

Mission Statement:

To develop newly commissioned officers morally, mentally, physically, and imbue them with the highest ideals of honor, courage, and commitment in order to prepare them for the Fleet.  Additionally, this Academy prepares officers to become effective leaders by developing fundamental skills in leadership, written and oral communication, career management and administration.


Must be a commissioned LDO/CWO or appointed WO in the U.S. Navy under the provisions of OPNAVINST 1420.1B.  Must meet Navy physical readiness standards per OPNAVINST 6110.1J, prior to arrival.

Course Overview:

  • Introduction
  • Service Etiquette and Officer Uniforms
  • LDO/WO/CWO History
  • Oral Communications
  • Responsibilities of a Naval Officer
  • Leadership and Ethics
  • Written Communications
  • Officer Administration and Career Development
  • U.S. Navy Organization and Defense Strategy
Uniform Requirements



Please check with Navy Region Mid-Atlantic regarding announced uniform shifts.

The following uniform Items are required for training while at LDO, WO and CWO Academy:

  • Navy Working Uniform (NWU) – daily wear
  • Full Dress Blue - Large Medals (OCT through APR)
  • Summer White (APR through OCT)
  • Service Khaki
  • Combination cover
  • Khaki garrison cap
  • Navy black shoes; brown uniform shoes authorized
  • Business Casual and Smart Casual for class socials and heritage trip

Recommended Items:

  • NWU Parka (w/ Black Fleece Liner)
  • Navy black (Eisenhower) jacket
  • Navy issue watch cap and gloves

(Updated: March 31, 2022)

Physical Training



The swim qualification is optional upon request.


LDO/CWO Required Paperwork



Mustang University Required Paperwork

  • Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Orders and any Modifications
  • Copies of prescriptions from civilian physicians if taking prescription medication. At minimum, one weeks' worth of medication should be hand carried with you.
  • Oath of Office (copy; original should have been mailed to PERS 806)
  • Overseas Screening, if applicable (MUST BE COMPLETE PRIOR TO ARRIVAL)
  • Housing Checkout Form (overseas PCS only)
  • Page Two (Record of Emergency Data).
    -It would be acceptable if you re-signed the two copies of the current page 2 on the last page under your previous signature. Your new signature means that there are no changes to the current page 2 and that it is up-to-date. After your new signature, put today's date.  Without a page 2, we cannot pay you Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) Type 2.
    -All SELRES students are required to bring a hard copy of the DD93 RED/DA.
  • Updated SGLI forms, if applicable.

To Help Minimize Pay Issues

  • Last Command & PSD Point of Contact info (POC Name/Phone/Fax/and Address)
  • BAH Verification Paperwork (Government Housing Termination Letter, if applicable)
  • If traveling under DTS orders your parent command is responsible for all pay requirements.

To Help Minimize Travel and Travel Pay Issues

  • Detaching PSD: plan travel through this “I” stop to final PDS. You will be available to “fly” after 1200 on graduation Friday. See Per Diem amounts for food on FAQ page.

Note: Make sure you get your commissioned ID card and your dependents IDs updated before departing so DEERS is updated.  After commissioning, contact DEERS to ensure continuity of entitlements.




What to expect when I get there.

  • Check-in: You will report to Callaghan Hall (Building 370), Room 301, at 0700 in your NWUs with the required paperwork listed under the Required Paperwork/Items "tab" on this page.

  • If you report before the no earlier than date on your orders, you will not be reimbursed for the cost of lodging.

  • Living quarters: There will be 50 rooms blocked off for our students for each class. All new accessions reporting to the LDO/CWO/WO Academy are required to make their own reservations directly with Navy Gateway Inns and Suites (NGIS) on board Naval Station Newport by contacting (877) 628-9233(401) 367-4612, or via www.dodlodging.net .
    As soon as your detailer provides you with your school dates, you should call and make a reservation. Reservations will need to be made no less than two weeks prior to convening. If a student fails to make a reservation within required timeline they will not be issued a CNA but will be directed to contact academy staff for arrangements for lodging to be made on base, next to the schoolhouse at King Hall.

  • Galley: Available three meals a day, seven days per week. Ensure you request advanced per diem to cover the meal expense or you will be paying out of pocket until you resolve your travel claim at your next command.

  • Base/Local amenities: Naval Station Newport has an Officers' Club, commissary, exchange (medium size), barber shop, recreation center (with wireless access), internet cafe', package store, uniform shop (very well stocked, but not all CWO designators), and an NFCU/Bank and ATM X2. There is an MWR pool and gym facilities

  • Alcohol: Policies regarding consumption of alcohol while on base will be explained upon arrival.

  • Smoking and tobacco use: Boundaries will be explained on your first day.

  • Physical Training: Be prepared and be in shape to PT as a class regularly while at OTCN. Naval Station has excellent facilities for you to enjoy during your liberty while you're here.

  • Internet access and E-mail: You will not be able to access NMCI email while you're here. Wi-Fi will be provided at the NGIS and Newport Chalet.

  • Collateral Duties: There are collateral duties your class will hold; a sign-up sheet will be provided by your Class Officer.

    • Class Division Officer: Liaison with instructors

    • Wardroom Mess Treasurer: Collect and handle money

    • Admin Officer: Liaison with PSD and Admin

    • Academic Coordinator: Liaison with instructors regarding homework, etc.

    • Social activities Coordinator: Class Grad Social / T-Shirts / Plaque / etc.

    • Master At Arms: Supplies and facility issues if any

    • ADP: Helps ADP local with computers

    • Postal Officer: You will stop by the mailroom M-F once a day

    • Regular Mail: You probably won't need mail delivery, but if you do here is the address:

      • LDO/CWO Class ######
        ENS/CWO NAME
        1356 Meyerkord Ave
        Newport, RI 02841

Other Items:
**Special Religious needs must be expressed on the first day of training. OTCN will do everything possible to accommodate all special and religious needs without compromising training.

Who can I contact for additional information?

  (  Updated: September 20th, 2022  )
LDO/CWO Conversion Process


Transactions Service Center Great Lakes has put together guidance to help prepare for your conversion to LDO/CWO. Please use this linked guide to assist in your preparation.

---   Last Updated: May 26th, 2022   ---

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