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Senior Chief Logistics Specialist Norma Porter, the recipients of the U.S. Navy Senior Enlisted Academy (SEA) Peter Tomich Distinguished Leadership Award delivers a speech at the SEA Class 254 graduation Sept. 1.

Please contact our student DTS coordinator.  See our Contact Us  page to reach out to our “Travel/DTS Coordinator” through our contact form or call:

Lodging, lines of accounting or GOVCC questions:
(401) 841-4223
DSN 841-4223
Authorizations or vouchers questions:
401-841-2794 or 401-841-4469
DSN 841-2794 or 841-4469


The SEA does not generate a transcript.  Students must submit a request to the American Council on Education (ACE) requesting an evaluation for credit which is then submitted to the institution of their choice.  ACE will require the Joint Services Transcript (JST)  showing graduation from the school.  Note that SEA graduation can take several weeks to post to the JST.

Due to security precautions, the average turnaround time for an "overnight package" is 3 business days.

The SEA does not mail out Welcome Aboard packages. All the information you need is available on our website.

Only if your travel department is T-entering or signing your voucher for you, then the DD1351-2 must be signed by you, the person you gave the form to must sign, and the date the person received it, and include your full Social Security Number.


Within 5 days of your last travel day.

YES -- but do not book through DTS.  Once Blackboard becomes available, announcements will have specific instructions. Although the SEA has blocked rooms reserved for you in our local  Navy Gateway Inns and Suites (NGIS), you still need to call NGIS and identify yourself as a SEA student and provide the class number you will be attending to confirm your room.  Service members need to notify the SEA on any variations to arrival and departure.  If NGIS gives you a CNA (Certificate of Non-Availability), please refer to Blackboard announcements for information on local, SEA-recommended hotels available to you at a discounted rate.

No.  The SEA will not pay for baggage fees.  As an active-duty service member, you are allowed free checked baggage (as long as you do not say “yes” to checking bags when doing online check-in).  All bags should be checked in curbside or at the ticket counter; you will be required to show your orders and/or military ID.  Airlines will charge if your bag weight is over the allowed free limit.

No.  ATM fees and dry cleaning are no longer an expense you can claim for reimbursement per the JTR.

Rental cars are not authorized on SEA-funded travel orders.

Yes.  POV travel is authorized.  However, mileage reimbursement cannot exceed the cost of the round-trip airfare per the JTR. Orders must be entered and authorized in DTS, which include a Constructed Travel Worksheet (CTW) and flight screenshots from and to Duty Station/Homeport.


For active-duty Navy attending on TAD/TDY orders, the SEA covers the cost of the following:
  • GSA Contract Airfare or POV from your Duty Station/Homeport to/from Newport,
  • Lodging at NGIS (on base),
  • Meals and Incidentals (MI&E),
  • Transportation to/from the PVD airport, and
  • Mileage by POV to/from your local airport.

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