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Senior Chief Logistics Specialist Norma Porter, the recipients of the U.S. Navy Senior Enlisted Academy (SEA) Peter Tomich Distinguished Leadership Award delivers a speech at the SEA Class 254 graduation Sept. 1.

You must check with your command on their policy.  BTW, with few exceptions (to include new appointees/recruits, hospital patients, and prisoners) Public Law 105-264 (The Travel and Transportation Reform Act of 1998) and DoD FMR, Volume 9, Chapter 3 mandate the use of the Government Travel Charge Card for all official government travel unless exempt.  A complete list of exemptions can be found in DoD FMR, Volume 9, Chapter 3.  The SEA does not allow your command access to a “Fund Site,” or issuing paper orders.

No.  In this case, the SEA is the reviewing and authorizing official on your orders.  The routing should state “Signed and Routing is SEA.”

You must first be enrolled in a SEA course. Once you are enrolled, your information is given to our student DTS coordinator who will grant access to the LOA. You must be a participant in DTS, attached to the command where you are stationed, and hold an active, non-expired Government Travel Credit Card (GOVCC).

During the first week Blackboard is open, you will be prompted to submit your orders in Defense Travel System (DTS).

You will need to follow the SEA guidance for disenrolling from the class. By doing so, you may incur a 12-month-wait before you can re-enroll in a future SEA class.  Note that your chain of command will be required to sign a disenrollment request form (available from your faculty advisor).

If you discover you will not be able to attend the class and the open registration window has closed, you MUST contact SEA Registration so they can manually drop you from the course.  Use our contact form (select SEA Registration) on our Contact Us  page or call:
(401) 841-4221
DSN 841-4221

Log into Empower (the site where you signed up for the class).  Select SEA Academy Students and pick My Enrollments and Course Registration.  If you see a class listed under “Successful Registration,” then you have a seat in the class.
Empower screenshot

Please note all classes will be made available in Blackboard the Monday the week prior to the course’s academic convening date.  Meanwhile, the SEA Registration office can let you know if you have a seat in the class. Use our contact form (select SEA Registration) on our Contact Us page or call:
(401) 841-4221
DSN 841-4221

You can drop a class without penalty prior to the class convening date.  To drop a class, first log into Empower (where you enrolled in the class).  Under the “SEA Academy Students” tab select My Enrollments Course Registration.  You will see a class listed under Successful Registration. Click the “Drop” button on the left side of the page by the course you are enrolled in. (See screen capture below.)
Drop Class image

No, once you have established your account in Empower, you can register for a class in any fiscal year -- just update your information using your Empower Account ID#.

To register for an Empower account needed to attend the SEA, you must complete the Empower account application on our Registration web page.

Once your account in Empower is established, you will get a follow-on email explaining how to register for the SEA class you plan to attend.

USA, USAF, USMC, and USCG students need to apply through their designated service POC.  If non-Navy students apply for a class via the online application, their application will be rejected.

The following contact numbers are what the SEA has on file for sister services:

USAF and Air National Guard: (210) 565-4454

USA: No POC available  

USCG: (202) 475-5511

USMC: (703) 432-5542

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