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Surface Combat Systems Training Command (SCSTC)

SCSTC logo
Crest: The center of the crest has a Surface Warfare breast insignia and gold trident.  Above the trident are silver stars.  The segments of braided rope below the Surface Warfare insignia are blue and gold.  The links below the segments of braided rope are gold and silver. 

Crest: The symbolism of the logo is reflective of the elements of SCSTC’s mission.  The use of blue and gold represents the Navy's traditional colors - blue representing the ocean and seas and gold for integrity and valor.  The center of the crest is the Surface Warfare breast insignia split between Officers and Enlisted Sailors who stand watch, side by side, in warfighting positions aboard surface Navy ships and are dependent on one another for mission accomplishment.  The chain of gold and silver links represents again the connected relationship between Officer and Enlisted warfighters.  The six links signify the six links of the kill chain: Find, Fix, Track, Target, Engage and Assess.  The kill chain is a common aspect of all SCSTC courses and each course supports at least one link in the chain.  The six segments of the braided rope symbolize six primary mission areas of the surface Navy taught within SCSTC: Air and Missile Defense, Anti-Surface Warfare, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Ballistic Missile Defense, and Mine Warfare and Strike Warfare.  The trident, its color representing the officer corps, rises from the kill chain where our warfighting power is rooted, denoting the power projection from the sea to the above, below and surface domains, all of which ensure our success in maritime warfare.  The eight silver stars represent the eight enlisted ratings trained by SCSTC: Electronics Technician (ET), Fire Controlman (FC), Fire Controlman (Aegis) (FCA), Gunner’s Mate (GM), Interior Communications Electrician (IC), Mineman (MN), Operations Specialist (OS) and Sonar Technician, Surface (STG).  They are arranged in a constellation above the ship, representing the warfighting network that is operated by surface warfighters who transform the fleet into an integrated force, capable and ready to fight and win tonight. 

A blue border edged with gold rope on the outside inscribed “Surface Combat Systems” at the top and “TRAINING COMMAND” at the bottom in gold.
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