We’re so pleased you are joining our team. You will receive reporting directions through human resources.
Department of the Navy Civilian Human Resources
Welcome Aboard! 
The sponsorship coordinator can be reached at MSTCPAC_SDNS_SPONSORSHIP@navy.mil, and the Staff Duty Officer phone number is (619) 510-5561.
MyNavy Career Center
(833) 330-6622
(833) 330-MNCC
All newly reporting staff members are required to report for duty in the seasonally appropriate dress uniform:
  • Summer - Summer White (E-7 & Senior); Dress White (E-6 & Junior)
  • Winter - Service Dress Blue
After check-in is complete, all staff members will wear the seasonally appropriate working/service uniform:
  • Summer - Navy Working Uniform (NWU)
  • Winter - Navy Working Uniform (NWU)
Appropriate civilian attire may be worn by personnel in MSTCPAC buildings after working hours and on weekends.
Further information on check-in procedures may be obtained from the Administrative Office: (619) 556-7663 or DSN 532-7663.
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