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200415-N-N0443-0003 GULFPORT, Miss. (April 15, 2020) Construction Electrician C-1 Advanced Class 20020 staff and students maintain physical distancing during a pole climbing exercise at Naval Construction Training Center Gulfport, Mississippi, as they follow CDC guidelines to the extent applicable as part of the training center's proactive approach to combat COVID-19. Construction electricians build, maintain and operate power production facilities and electrical distribution systems for naval installations and support the Navy and Marine Corps operational and expeditionary forces worldwide. (U.S. Navy photo)

To learn more about course information and schedules, military personnel may log into the online Catalog of Navy Training Courses (CANTRAC) with a Common Access Card (CAC).

1. Go to CANTRAC (CAC login required) to reach the CANTRAC Volume II site for schedules and course information.

2. Enter either a course title or “NCTC PT HNEME” to browse all current courses we offer in the search box.

3. Click on submit under Basic Course/Location & Navy eLearning Search Report.

4. Click on specific Course CIN/CDP/Schedules/Quotas for information.

For international student information, visit Naval Education and Training Security Assistance Field Activity’s website.

Rating Specific Training

Builder (BU)
•    Advanced “C” School Pipeline (Concrete/Masonry, Framing and Finishes)
•    Tools & Equipment “C” School
•    Heavy Construction and Powder Actuated Tools “F” Schools.
Construction Electrician (CE)
•    Advanced “C” School Pipeline (Electrical Theory, PDS/ LC, Elec. Motors & Controls, Advance Base Power Plant Maint., and Interior Wiring).
Construction Mechanic (CM)
•    Advanced “C” School Pipeline (Engine, Fuels/Elect. Systems, Power Train/ Chassis, Hydraulic /Pneumatic Systems, and Automotive A/C).
•    Advanced Diagnostics/ Shop Management “C” School.
•    Crane Maintenance and Inspection “F” Schools.
Engineering Aide (EA)
•    Advanced “C” School Pipeline (Drafting, Surveying, Design, Material Testing, GPS Survey).
Equipment Operator (EO)
•    Advanced EO “C” School Pipeline (Transportation OPS, Earthwork OPS, and Pavements).
•    Advanced Crane Operator “C” School Pipeline (Hook Block OPS, Clamshell /Dragline OPS, and Pile Driving OPS).
•    Crane Supervisor “F” School. 
Steelworker (SW)
•    Advanced “C” School Pipeline (Sheet Metal Work, Steel Reinforcing, Gas Cutting/ Weld, Metal Fab, Arc Weld (Structural & Pipe), and MIG/ TIG Weld).
•    Welding Supervisor “C” School.
Utilitiesman (UT)
•    Advanced “C” School Pipeline (Plumbing/ Pipe Fitting, Pumps & Comps, Sewage Disposal/ Field Sanitation, Water Treatment, Shore-Based Boilers, and AC/R).

Non-Rating Specific Training

Chemical, Biological, Radiological – Defense (CBR-D)
•    Expeditionary Shore Based Operations “C” School.
•    Personal Protection & Decontamination, Command Center Staff, Team Training, and OPS Field & Team Training “F” Schools.
Construction Management Continuum Training (CMCT)
•    Construction P&E and Construction Inspector “C” Schools.
•    Crew Leader and Supervisor “D” Schools.
Learning Site China Lake
•    Water Well “C” School.
•    Blasting & Quarry OPS “C” School.
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