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Photo for Naval Construction Training Center Port Hueneme's main page on the NETC website
Mobile Training Teams (MTTs) are available for some courses taught at Port Hueneme. These are based on instructor availability, type of class requested, dates requested, training site location, and the availability of resources (classrooms, shops, tools, and equipment).

To request an MTT, the following criteria must be met:
    •    Agreement to fund/provide class cost or material.
    •    Agreement to fund /provide Instructor transportation, lodging, per diem and misc. expense.
    •    Coordinate with the Training Department for class request and dates
    •    Provide in writing a letter to request class after verbal request.
    •    Make payment/fund training NLT 30 days prior to class convening date.
    •    Provide adequate shops/classrooms to conduct training.
    •    Coordinate with instructors on class requirements (Tools & Equipment).

Training Department
(805) 982-4171
DSN 551-4171
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