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A group of NSCS students gathered around the Food Service Officer in Ney Galley on Nov. 17, 2023.

Student Check-In Information

Basic Qualification Course (BQC) students will check in with the Dean of Students, (401) 841-4819, located on the first deck of the Navy Supply Corps School (NSCS), between 0800-1600, Monday-Friday. Students will report in Service Dress Blues or Whites, depending on the season.  Uniforms must be prepared prior to arrival.

If checking in after hours, contact the Command Duty Officer (CDO) at (601) 497-5775.

Bring the following documentation to check in: physical copy of orders to be stamped.


Students receive up to 14 days Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE) after detaching from their last command. Upon transferring from your previous command, look to exercise TLE before and during your check-in to NSCS as you find permanent housing. The preferred lodging is the Navy Lodge. To book a reservation, call 1-877-NAVY-BED (628-9233). You must exercise all on-base temporary lodging options before seeking off-base lodging. If base lodging is not available, students must obtain a Certificate of Non-Availability (CNA) to submit with their travel claim.  

BQC students receive Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders to NSCS, so they must reside in off-base military or private housing. For this reason, students should use the Navy Housing Service Center for information on housing options or to inquire about the Roommate Share Program. For more information on the Roommate Share program, please call 401-846-8877 or 401-841-2232.

After graduation, you may be attached to NSCS for additional time before your next school starts. This could add 1-2 months additional stay in Newport. For this reason, it is recommended you discuss lease flexibility when seeking housing (such as whether your landlord will allow you to extend a shorter lease, or ensuring your rental agreement allows you to cancel a longer lease with orders).  

The following are examples of additional time spent in Newport: 

  • Supply Officer Department Head Course (SODHC): Time awaiting instruction plus 4-week course. 

  • Submarine Officer Basic Course (SOBC): Time awaiting transfer before reporting to Groton (depends on start dates).  

  • Joint Aviation Supply and Maintenance Material Management (JASMMM): Time awaiting instruction plus 2-week course.  

Students Awaiting Instruction 

Those students attached to NSCS who are awaiting instruction are encouraged to use this time to manage medical and dental records, prepare your uniforms, and complete any other administrative tasks such as Periodic Health Assessments (PHA’s), Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System (NFAAS), and travel claims. You may optionally complete the following CAC-enabled trainings with the Defense Travel Management Office once you receive your CAC:  

  1. Travel Card 101 

  1. TDY Travel Policy 101 

  1. US Government Rental Car Program 


All incoming BQC students must ensure the following annual trainings are complete for the current fiscal year in Navy eLearning. Type in the name below, then click the button to enroll and launch the training. Bring a hard copy of your completed certificates with you to the Navy Supply Corps School. 

  1. DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge 

BQC Indoctrination 

The first few days of instruction at NSCS will be led by staff and guest speakers. They will present topics including general expectations, student resources and a program overview. The class will be divided into two companies during this time. On the first day, students will be in service dress blues/whites according to the season. Ensure you and your uniform are photo-ready for your official headshot and NSCS class photos! 

We recommend downloading the following app: Navy App Locker. Within that app, you will see multiple other apps. Consider downloading eSUPPO, MyNavy UNIFORMS, NavyMWR Newport, and Warrior Toughness.

Operational Screening 

As a graduate, expect to take operational tours on platforms such as amphibious transport ships, carriers, destroyers, minesweepers and submarines. Additional medical or security screenings may be required during your time at the schoolhouse. Upon check-in with the Dean of Students, please express any medical or security clearance concerns that may impact serving on certain platforms or duty stations.  

Additional Considerations 

  • Civilian Attire: During your time in Newport, you will participate in a range of command events requiring civilian business casual and business professional attire.  

  • Uniform of the Day (UOD): Bring your whole seabag! The UOD will include the Navy Working Uniform, Service Khakis, Summer Whites or occasionally SDB/SDW with ribbons. You may attend the Navy Ball or Supply Corps Ball, which would require SDB with medals or mini medals. There will be Command PT requiring Navy PT gear. Prepare your uniforms and all components well in advance. 

  • Detaching: When packing out your home, avoid the costly mistake of shipping necessary uniform items with the rest of your household goods. Ensure all uniforms are ready and accessible for check-in because every command differs in their reporting procedures.  

BQC students with additional questions may contact the Dean of Students via phone at (401) 841-4819 or email  

We look forward to welcoming you aboard and making you Ready for Sea!

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