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Navy Band Great Lakes
Parade Band

Parade Band


'Pride in Service' has been the theme for Navy Band Great Lakes for more than a century.
From 1917, when Lieutenant Commander John Philip Sousa served as Bandmaster, to today's band under the direction of Lieutenant Christopher Cornette, their music represents the pride and professionalism synonymous with the United States Navy since the band's inception in 1911.
On behalf of Rear Admiral Jennifer S. Couture, Commander, Naval Service Training Command, and Lieutenant Christopher Cornette, Director of Navy Band Great Lakes, the band proudly cultivates patriotism worldwide and reminds all Americans that their United States Navy is deployed around the world, around the clock, protecting and defending America at all times.


For Performance, the Parade Band requires:

  • Close proximity parking/unloading for:
    • - Four 15-passenger vans
  • Map of parade route
  • Map / directions to site
  • Changing rooms: male and female (public restrooms are not permitted as changing rooms)


Last updated: May 12th, 2022


Navy Band Great Lakes - 2815 Barry Place Bldg. 150 Great Lakes, IL 60088  
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