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Navy Band Great Lakes

To request Navy Band Great Lakes at your event, please complete the correct corresponding form. Completed forms may be emailed, faxed, or sent via regular mail.

PDF Logo Civilian Request Form

PDF Logo Military Request Form

*Active Duty and Reserve personnel acting on behalf of a civilian organization must complete the civilian request form.

Click Here to email your completed request form to the Navy Band Great Lakes Operations Coordinator .


Mail completed forms to:
Director, Navy Band Great Lakes
2815 Barry Place Bldg. 150
Great Lakes, IL 60088-2816

Note: For quickest processing of your request, please send via email.


**To request other military units (i.e. color guard, drill team, Bluejacket Choir) please submit these requests to:


Mr. Matthew Mogle


PHONE:  (847) 688-2430 ext. 359


Submission of your request form does not guarantee acceptance, but constitutes an official request for musical support at your event. All requests are reviewed to determine whether regulations permit Navy Band support for your event. Requests are processed on a first come-first served basis. Military events are confirmed no earlier than 90 days prior to the event. Civilian events are confirmed no earlier than 60 days prior to the event. All band engagements are subject to preemption by Commander, Naval Service Training Command.


Mailing Address

Director, Navy Band Great Lakes
2815 Barry Place Bldg. 150
Great Lakes, IL. 60088-2816


Contact Numbers

Main Line:

(847) 688-4760


Ext. 213

Assistant Director:

Ext. 211

Leading Chief Petty Officer:

Ext. 214

Operations Coordinator:

Ext. 212

Audition Supervisor:

Ext. 212

Leading Petty Officer:

Ext. 215

Admin/Sponsor Coordinator:


Unit Leaders:


Public Affairs Petty Officer:


Fiscal Petty Officer:


DSN Prefix: 792

Last updated: May 31st, 2022


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