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Navy Band Great Lakes
Click to view: Side Boys Press Kit (Rev1)

Side Boys

Side Boys is an acoustic brass band ensemble which performs a wide range of musical genres, spanning from traditional New Orleans-style jazz to modern-day popular music, including, but not limited to country, rock, jazz, and blues.
"Side Boys" is the most versatile ensemble within Navy Band Great Lakes. Capable of performing at a variety of venues, from festivals to outdoor concerts utilizing full speaker systems, to smaller acoustic venues with power and/or space constraints, "Side Boys" is ready to serve by providing a show that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser for audience members of all ages!


For Performance, Side Boys requires:

  • 20’ x 30’ clean, dry, level and stable area for performance (Navy Band Great Lakes will not perform in inclement weather or in standing water due to safety concerns for our personnel and potential damage to U.S. government equipment)
  • Adequate stage lighting
  • Secure storage area for instrument cases/gear
  • Close proximity parking/unloading for:
    • - One 15-passenger vans
  • Changing rooms: male and female (public restrooms are not permitted as changing rooms)
  • Advertising assistance ahead of performance
  • Map / directions to site
  • Note: Band must have access to the stage approximately 2½ hours before engagement time for set-up and one hour after performance for tear-down

Last updated: May 23rd, 2022



Navy Band Great Lakes - 2815 Barry Place Bldg. 150 Great Lakes, IL 60088  
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