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ODS tours USS Constitution


The NETC HRO Classification Department establishes and administers policies, responsibilities, services and guidance for civilian appropriated fund/non-manage-to-payroll (MTP) General Schedule (GS) and Federal Wage System (FWS) positions for all grade levels ensuring accurate position management; occupational series, title, grade; supervisory statuses; and FLSA exemption statuses for all NETC domain (CONUS-continental/OCONUS-overseas) activities.

Classification Functions

  • Ensure, review and evaluate position descriptions and evaluations in accordance with applicable Office of Personnel Management (OPM) position classification standards and supplemental guides for all GS and WG positions.
  • Advise, guide and train to organizational activity leadership, management staff, and first-level supervisors regarding proper execution of position management; classification program support role and responsibilities; submission procedures; periodic self-assessments; and appeals processes.
  • Coordinate requirements to execute local Federal Wage Grade Compensation Surveys and Studies, as dictated by higher authorities.
  • Manage electronic filing, maintenance, and access for NETC domain’s official position description library.
  • Apply new and updated OPM position classification standards and guides to positions, as issued and applicable.
  • Conduct NETC domain-wide or organizational activity position management reviews, ensuring proper and consistent application of classification guidelines.


OPM Classification-Qualifications
NETCINST 12511.1A Position Classification and Position Management
Naval Education and Training Command
Human Resources Office

121 Cuddihy St., Suite A, Bldg. 680
Pensacola, FL 32508-5171
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