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ODS tours USS Constitution


The Recruitment and Placement Team implements and advises customers regarding all effective staffing regulations, instructions and policies as they pertain to the Naval Education and Training Command workforce.
Strategic Planning - Provides directions associated with designing, developing, implementing and tracking to recruit, place and retain the talent needed to accomplish the assigned mission.
Organizational Management - Conducts analysis, development and administration or organizational design, and succession planning activities.
Human Capital Assessment - Manages processes associated with setting and tracking metrics and measures for Human Resources (HR) program quality and customer satisfaction, including surveys, tracking metrics and validating regulatory sufficiency of HR services.
Networking/Outreach - Works with community groups, universities, professional associations and other Department of the Navy and government activities to deliver effective recruiting services.
Workforce Analysis - Leverages approved HR systems in support of HR functions and management, analyzing existing data, reporting on workforce information, and collecting and uploading data required from the serviced workforce.
We also:
  • Implement standard recruitment Request for Personnel Action (RPA) procedures in accordance with basic laws, statutes and ensure actions are in best interest of the government.
  •  Serve as senior advisor to serviced command regarding hiring efficiencies (Direct/Expedited hiring authorities) and supporting higher echelons in justifying efficiencies.  
  • Provide advice on major changes affecting staffing programs (i.e., Reduction in Force, transfer of functions, reorganizations, changes in work assignments, workload, and planned increases in personnel).


Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS)/MyBiz (CAC login required)
USA Staffing (CAC login required)
DoN Secretary of the Navy Portal (CAC login required)
Total Workforce Management System (TWMS) (CAC login required)
HRLink  (Login required)
Navy ELearning (CAC login required)
SLDCADA (CAC login required)
DoD SAFE (CAC login required)
Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service (DCPAS)
OPM Pay-Leave/Salaries-Wages
Naval Education and Training Command Human Resources Office 121 Cuddihy St., Suite A, Bldg. 680 Pensacola, FL 32508-5171
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