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Additional benefits provided to NROTC Students

  • These benefits are provided directly by or through the Universities, not the NROTC program or the U.S. Navy. They are provided for informational purposes, and are accurate at time of posting, but are subject to change. Contact the Universities directly for the most up-to-date additional benefits.
ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY No Arizona State University offers the New American Scholarship that students can use to offset room and board if they have tuition through the NROTC scholarship. Incoming Freshman are considered for this merit-based scholarship upon admission to ASU, which is renewable for eight consecutive semesters. ASU also offers other various academic and non-academic based scholarships. College Program students are also eligible and considered for the New American University Scholarship.
BATON ROUGE COMMUNITY COLLEGE No Out of state tuition is waived for NROTC Participants.
THE CITADEL No There are supplemental scholarship opportunities available for top-tier applicants. Must come with National Scholarship, 1200 SAT and 3.2 GPA. $3,500.
CLARK ATLANTA UNIVERSITY $10,800 per semester No
COLUMBIA COLLEGE Yes, approximately $2,337 per semester. Does not include dining. Recipient must reapply annually. No
UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO Incoming scholarship freshmen are awarded a $50,000 scholarship as a class to be distributed among the members who choose to attend Colorado No
FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY YES, room and board. The school offers 15 (total including returning scholars) room and board scholarships per year to the NROTC Unit. Those 4/C midshipmen who maintain the scholarship requirements (3.0 GPA with 15Hrs passed) can keep their scholarship through graduation. Scholarship only pays for least expensive dorm on campus and the base meal plan. Scholarship is dependent upon university yearly budget and is subject to yearly review. No
GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY No MIDN may apply for a $1K merit-based grant towards room and $1K towards dining expenses. STEM majors receive a discounted room and board rate. This benefit is not restricted to NROTC students, all GWU STEM-major students are eligible.
UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO Yes, University of Idaho offers a 5k Room and Board Scholarship to MIDN No
ILLINOIS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY $6300 per semester (room and board) No
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS Room and Board scholarships are available. Please contact us for further information No
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO Tuition is waived for in-state college program midshipmen. Tuition waiver can be applied to room and board for scholarship midshipmen.
JACKSONVILLE UNIVERSITY NROTC Scholarship students attending Jacksonville University may receive a room and board scholarship from the university equal to the price of a standard double room (no private bath) and a full board plan (19 meals per week). Eligibility for the room and board scholarship is determined by the Jacksonville University Financial Aid Office. No
UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS No Contracted MIDN receive in-state tuition rates.
LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY No Out of state tuition is waived for NROTC Participants.
LOYOLA UNIVERSITY $3,500 per semester (room and board) No
MAINE MARITIME ACADEMY School provides full room and board for four-year national scholarship recipients. The New England Board of Higher Education's (NEBHE) Tuition Break program enables thousands of New England residents to enroll at out-of-state New England public colleges and universities at an average annual savings of $8,000. Students are eligible for the Tuition Break program when they enroll in an approved major that is not offered by the public colleges and universities in their home-state.
UNIVERSITY OF MAINE, ORONO School provides full room and board for four-year national scholarship recipients and NJROTC Pathways to Engineering Program participants. The New England Board of Higher Education's (NEBHE) Tuition Break program enables thousands of New England residents to enroll at out-of-state New England public colleges and universities at an average annual savings of $8,000. Students are eligible for the Tuition Break program when they enroll in an approved major that is not offered by the public colleges and universities in their home-state. UMaine offers a Flagship Match Scholarship for out-of-state students entering in the Fall of 2019 and Spring of 2020. The Flagship Match Program is a scholarship program guaranteeing that incoming, academically qualified students from selected states will pay the same tuition and fee rate as their home state's flagship institution. All other new students will receive a competitive scholarship that will significantly offset the cost of non-resident tuition and fees at UMaine. Students will be awarded based on the combination of their Academic Credentials and Residency.
MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY Yes. A four-year ROTC scholarship enhancement is offered. It includes $3,500 scholarship toward university housing and meals charges per semester. The maximum enhancement is $28,000. The ROTC Enhancement will be $28,000 minus any other Marquette gift assistance previously received divided equally among the remaining terms of enrollment (not to exceed $3500 per semester and not to exceed the actual housing and meals costs). All newly awarded incoming ROTC scholarship winners receive the enhancement. The ROTC enhancement is awarded on a semester basis. The enhancement is not available during summer terms. Current Marquette students who receive an ROTC award subsequent to their enrollment are eligible for the enhancement but will receive no more than $28,000 in Marquette gift assistance (this includes all Marquette scholarships, grants and/or enhancements). No
UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS Yes, The University of Memphis offers housing scholarships to NROTC students on a competitive basis. Students at Rhodes College, a crosstown affiliate, are also eligible for an NROTC housing endowment. Yes, Memphis students that are enrolled in NROTC, and maintain good standing, receive in-state tuition regardless of their home state. Additionally, students may compete for 8 Leadership and 7 Supplemental scholarships which are worth $4650 and $900 per term.
MIAMI UNIVERSITY Yes, typically $1,500-$1,700 per semester for MIDN living in University housing. No
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA No University of Minnesota provides in-state tuition rate for out-of-state scholarship MIDN. The University of Minnesota has a 13-credit tuition plateau. Students pay a flat tuition rate based on 13 credits no matter the credit load, meaning any credits beyond 13 are available at no additional charge. Additionally, active duty students are eligible for the Minnesota GI Bill which offers up to $3,000 in tuition assistance per year.
UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI Yes. Incoming Scholarship Freshman will receive a room and board scholarship from the University. This scholarship includes a meal plan for the first year. There is an endowment that provides housing assistance to upperclassmen who choose to live on campus. No.
UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI Yes, approximately $1,000 per month during the academic year. The award is for freshmen only. None at this time
MOREHOUSE COLLEGE Room, but not board. No.
UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA No Yes - All NROTC Midshipmen (College program and scholarship) with an ACT score of 26 or higher are given the in-state vice the out-of-state tuition rate
UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO Yes, Full room and board to out-of-state scholarship students. To receive benefits, student must live on campus at UNM. No
NORFOLK STATE UNIVERSITY Yes, full room and board. 2018 cost: $3431 Room per semester, $1749 Board per semester. Total: $5,180 per semester, $10,360 per year. No
NORWICH UNIVERSITY Yes; students who have an active NROTC Contract are offered a room and board scholarship covering all of their on-campus living expenses. Students can apply for federal aid to see if they are eligible for any additional grants/loans.
UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME See answer in next column OTHER - University of Notre Dame meets 100% of students' demonstrated financial need.
OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY 12 room and board scholarship awarded to scholarship MIDN each year No
UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA Yes: Starting in Fall 2020, the University of Oklahoma will begin offering up to eleven $3,000 scholarships to assist freshman NROTC students with room and board on a competitive basis. YES: "A student shall be eligible for in-state status without meeting other domiciliary requirements if the student is a person who is participating in or has received a partial or full scholarship from the Air Force Reserve Officers' Training Corps, Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps or the Navy/Marines Reserve Officers' Training Corps. "Participating" is defined as any student who is fully and actively participating in all aspects of the ROTC program (class, physical fitness training, leadership training (lab). The appropriate ROTC branch will determine whether a student meets the eligibility criteria for the program. Students who do not remain eligible participants/scholarship recipients in ROTC will be reclassified as out-of-state and non-resident tuition will be assessed."
PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY No Contracted MIDN receive in-state tuition rates.
REGENT UNIVERSITY No Yes - Tuition is capped at $250/credit hour for NROTC midshipmen. $100 book voucher and $250 scholarship (to defray travel expenses) awarded each semester to NROTC midshipmen.
RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE Yes. 100% room and board for four years Yes. Full room and board amount is paid directly to the student if student resides outside the university dorm system.
RICE UNIVERSITY There is an endowment that provides room and board for up to 4 scholarship students annually that are attending Rice University. No
UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER the University of Rochester provides a room-and board grant for its NROTC scholarship students. A majority are four-year scholarships, while some are two- or three-year scholarships. No
ROCHESTER INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY RIT provides the RIT ROTC Room and Board Scholarship in an amount up to the cost of a standard room/board plan for students who have been awarded an NROTC scholarship prior to attending any college. No
RUTGERS UNIVERSITY No Out of state tuition is waived for NROTC Participants.
UNIVERSITY OF SAINT THOMAS UST provides a housing and meal subsidy which covers the majority of on-campus costs, depending on selection of residence hall. For students living off campus, UST allows students to keep a pro-rated amount of their merit scholarship funding to fund their living expenses (All admitted students are offered some level of academic scholarship funding based on their admissions credentials). No
UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO Yes, $12,980 per year for Room and $3660 for meals. However, students must work 8 hours per week in order to qualify for this benefit. If students do not to work all scholarship students receive $6,490.00 per year for their room. USD offers various academic based scholarships that students can use to offset room and board if they have tuition through the NROTC scholarship. USD also offers a work study program to offset room and board for students who have completed their freshman year.
ST. MARY'S COLLEGE SMC provides a grant that covers the cost of an on-campus room, up to the cost of a double room ($3,745 per semester or $7,490 per academic year), for students who have Naval ROTC scholarships that pay 100% of tuition. Note: SMC gives the room grant to students even during the first year for students who have 3-year scholarships. Students continue to receive the room grant provided they continue: <br/>* to remain eligible for the NROTC scholarship,<br/>* as Saint Mary's College students, and <br/>* they live on-campus. No
SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY AND A&M COLLEGE Yes, the amount given varies from year to year. It is based on enrollment and the state budget. Out of state tuition is waived for NROTC Participants.
SOUTHEASTERN LOUISIANA UNIVERSITY No Out of state tuition is waived for NROTC Participants.
UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA Yes, National Scholarship students receive a grant from UT which covers the cost of a 2-man shared room and partial board (15 meals a week). The value of room is estimated: $5,405.00 per academic year and the value of board is estimated: $5,104.00 per academic year = Total of $10,509.00 additional benefits per academic year. No
UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS NROTC Alumni Association, Midshipman’s Foundation scholarship over $115k given annually to students and the Mulva Family Foundation grant to $12k per academic year to cover housing for contracted students. Out of state tuition is waived for NROTC scholarship recipients. College program advanced standing also receive out of state tuition waivers.
TIDEWATER COMMUNITY COLLEGE No Yes - NROTC students are offered on a first come, first serve basis up to 6 students per semester a scholarship to pay for their Military Science courses as required for their participation in the NROTC program.
TULANE UNIVERSITY Yes, covers cost completely ($15,190/year)  
TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY Yes; $10,550.00 per year No
UNION COLLEGE Yes Not outside the room and board scholarship
VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY Yes. Up to $6,000 per year ($3,000 per semester) No
VILLANOVA UNIVERSITY Room and Board Scholarship opportunity exist for MIDN who maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or above. Multiple scholarship, grant and monetary award opportunities for top performing MIDN are awarded throughout the year by Villanova University and various private donors.
WESTMINSTER COLLEGE Yes, Westminster College waives all room and board ($5,364.00 per academic year) for NROTC students In-state tuition offered for all NROTC students ($16,520.00 per semester for 12-16 credit hours)
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