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What is Navy ROTC?

Click hereThe Navy ROTC Program


What are the requirements?

The following top four are Tabs located on the "Requirements" page.

Click hereProgram Entrance Requirements
Click hereGeneral Academic Requirements
Click hereGeneral Physical Requirements
Click hereMilitary Service Requirements

Click hereSummer Cruise Requirements


What programs are available?


Click hereNavy Option
Click hereMarine Corps Option
Click hereNavy Nurse Corps Option


Where can I find Navy ROTC?


Click hereColleges and Universities Offering Naval ROTC
Click hereNavy ROTC Units and Maritime/Marine Academies Address and Telephone Listings


Which schools give credit for Naval Science Courses?


Click hereReview the 2015-2016 Naval Science Course Credits Listing


What is expected of me in Navy ROTC?

Navy ROTC midshipmen are required to complete the course of study prescribed by the college or university that they attend. Midshipmen are also required to take several naval science courses in addition to their college's prescribes course load. Due to the increasing complexity of today's Navy, Navy option midshipmen are required to complete the equivalent of two semesters of calculus before the end of their sophomore year and two semesters of calculus based physics before the end of their junior year.


What happens after graduation?

Upon graduation, midshipmen who complete all academic requirements in the Navy ROTC program are commissioned as Ensigns in the Navy or Second Lieutenants in the Marine Corps. Although it is not current policy, in the future some midshipmen may be commissioned temporarily into the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR).  Midshipmen without scholarships may also receive a commission through the College Program.


What do I owe the Navy or Marine Corps after graduation?


Review the Military Service RequirementsReview the Military Service Requirements Tab on the "Requirements" Page


When am I obligated to the Navy/Marine Corps if I accept the scholarship?

Scholarship Midshipmen will incur either an active enlisted service or a reimbursement obligation, if they withdraw or are disenrolled from the Navy ROTC Program after their Obligation Point, defined as follows:

  • If activating the scholarship (signing the contract) as a first year, incoming freshmen, the Obligation Point is 01 September of the sophomore (or second academic) year of college.
  • If activating the scholarship as any status other than a first year, incoming freshmen, the Obligation Point is the date the scholarship is activated (the date the contract is signed).
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