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Application Website Technical Support

For technical issues such as logins, passwords, server errors, or information not saving correctly:
  • Toll Free Number: 1-833-NESDNOW (637-3669)

General Program Questions

For general information about the Navy ROTC program or the scholarship:
Scholarship Office email:

Application Guidance and Assistance

Before You Submit Application

If you have questions or need help completing the application before you submit it, please contact your Navy ROTC Coordinator or the Candidate Guidance Office: For Application Guidance email:

After You Submit Application

If you have questions about or changes to your application or status after you have submitted your application, use the Application Adjustments email below:
For Application Adjustments, please email:

Important Note:

Requests to change your choice of schools prior to selection WILL NOT be processed. School choices are not a consideration in the selection process.  If selected, you WILL BE PLACED AT YOUR FIRST CHOICE SCHOOL or at the school you have been admitted and plan on attending.  Once selected, you may submit a Placement Change Request, with a copy of your admission letter to that school, and your scholarship will be moved. Placement Change Requests should be sent to:

After You Are Selected

If you have been awarded an Navy ROTC scholarship and have questions about placement or if you have a school change request:
Contact the Navy ROTC Unit Placement Office:  

Medical Information and Qualifications

For questions regarding personal medical issues that may affect your application process, medical waivers or general information about the Nursing Program:
Medical Information Office email:

Navy Recruiting Station Locator

Locate a Coordinator

U.S. Marine Corps

1.703.784.9446/7/8 U.S. Marine Corps Website

U.S. Naval Academy

US Naval Academy Website

Great Lakes Mailing Address

2601A Paul Jones St
Naval Service Training Command (N92-NROTC)
Great Lakes, IL 60088-2845

Naval Service Training Command, NS Great Lakes, 2601A Paul Jones St, Great Lakes, IL  60088-2845 ~ 1.800.NAV.ROTC 
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