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*** Latest updates as of 08 May 2024.  Please check this site frequently for any updates regarding NSI 2024 ***

Mission of NSI

NSI is a physically demanding 2.5 week indoctrination course designed to provide standardized basic military instruction to Midshipmen Candidates. This course will facilitate the successful integration of new students into Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) and college life. 


Administrative and Medical Requirements

In order to participate in NSI, Midshipmen Candidates are required to complete the paperwork in the package below and mail all forms to the Candidate Midshipman Guidance Office (CMGO).   
An example package and FAQs are provided to answer any questions you may have. For specific questions regarding required paperwork, please contact the CMGO at not send Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Health Information via email. If such information is required by the CMGO we will contact you directly with directions on how to send that information electronically.

The NSI Package Checklist is included as part of the NSI Mandatory Information Package to ensure all requirements are met. Print, utilize, and sign this form and include it as part of your package to the CMGO. It is highly recommended that you keep a copy of your package for your records.

NSI Package due dates are listed in the table below.  Early package submission is strongly encouraged. Late packages WILL NOT be accepted.
If you accepted your 4-Year Navy or Marine NROTC National Scholarship in: Your package must be postmarked by:
October, November, December Monday, 1 April 2024
January, February, March Wednesday, 1 May 2024
April, May Friday, 14 June 2024
Or if you are a: Your package must be postmarked by:
Current College Program Student applying for a Side Load Scholarship in July 2024 Monday, 1 April 2024
NROTC Preparatory Program Student Friday, 14 June 2024
All other College Program Students Friday, 14 June 2024

Assignment to NSI

After the CMGO and Medical teams review your NSI Package, the CMGO will assign you to one of the three NSI Iteration Dates below. It is your responsibility to coordinate any commitments you have with your family, NROTC unit/university and outside organizations before you submit your package and are scheduled to attend NSI.

NSI is held at the Quarterdeck of the Navy – Recruit Training Command (RTC) in Great Lakes, IL. Travel to and from NSI will be scheduled by your NROTC unit and funded by the Navy.

NSI 2024 Iteration Dates

Iteration 1:  6 – 24 June
Iteration 2:  27 June – 15 July
Iteration 3:  18 July – 5 August

NSI Pre-Arrival Physical Training

Military service is a physically demanding profession and requires a high degree of physical preparedness and a healthy constitution. Physical and scholarship qualification processes are independent of each other, but students must receive favorable endorsement in both to receive Navy ROTC scholarship.

Navy and Nurse Option Midshipman Candidates are highly encouraged to prepare for NSI by visiting the Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling System (NOFFS) website and by downloading the NOFFS Endurance App on their mobile device. NOFFS was developed by Navy fitness stakeholders, in partnership with industry leaders in human performance, to provide a complete physical training program that will ‘eliminate the guesswork’ for the individual Sailor who is participating in his/her personal, physical training program.
Marine Option Midshipman Candidates are highly encouraged to prepare for NSI by downloading the USMC Squad Bay App for their mobile device. The Squad Bay app challenges aspiring Marines to track fitness progress and learn about the Marine Corps and the demanding and transformative process of Officer Candidates.

Pre - Arrival 

What to bring
Bring ONLY those items identified on the attached packing list. RTC does not have the space to store large personal items.
NSI 2024 Student Packing List.xlsx

Arrival and Departure

All transportation to and from NSI will be arranged and funded by your NROTC unit. Once you are assigned to an NSI Iteration, it is your responsibility to contact your NROTC unit to arrange travel.


Flying to Great Lakes
If you are flying in on Thursday, 6 June (NSI 1), Thursday, 27 June (NSI 2) or Thursday, 18 July (NSI 3) please follow the below instructions, Upon arrival to Chicago O'Hare International Airport, go to the USO located at Terminal 2, Mezzanine Level (Hours of Operation 0900-2100, 9 AM to 9 PM). DO NOT go to the USO located in Terminal 3, it is located behind the TSA security check points and we cannot access it.
  • All Midshipmen Candidates will be checked in by our staff at the USO located at Terminal 2. From there, you will be moved to the buses for transportation to Naval Station Great Lakes.
  • Flyers must arrive at Chicago O’Hare International Airport no earlier than 0500 (5 AM) and no later than 1700 (5 PM).
  • For flights arriving prior to 1100 (11AM), lunch will be provided. Dinner will be provided for all Midshipmen Candidates regardless of flight arrival time. If you are arriving by car on Thursday, 6 June (NSI 1), Thursday, 27 June (NSI 2) or Thursday, 18 July (NSI 3) please follow the below instructions.
Being Dropped Off by Family or Friends
Midshipmen Candidates that are being dropped off by family members and friends will be dropped off at the Great Lakes Burkey Mall Navy Exchange located at 3452 Green Bay Road, Great Lakes, IL, 60088-2545. This building is located off base.
  • Drop off times are between the hours of 0900 and 1300.
Arriving by Rail
If you are arriving by rail, your final destination will be the Great Lakes Metra Station at 3000 S. Sheridan Road, North Chicago, IL 60088. Amtrak does not stop at this station.

All personnel traveling to NSI via Amtrak train will arrive at the closest Amtrak Station to Great Lakes, Illinois which is Union Station at 255 S. Canal St, Chicago, IL 60606. From there you will have to gather all belongings and walk (or utilize taxi, Uber, etc.) 0.3 miles to Ogilvie Transportation Center (OTC) at 500 W. Madison Street, Chicago, IL 60606. There are no ticket agents at the OTC, so students can either buy a ticket when they get on the train (Union Pacific North) or use the Ventra App (link below). Tickets will cost approximately $7.

Ventra App Landing Page | Ventra (

Midshipman Candidates will then catch the Union Pacific North (UP-N) line to the Great Lakes Metra Station located at 3000 S. Sheridan Road, North Chicago, IL 60088. Upon arrival an Ensign or Midshipman Instructor on staff wearing the Navy Working Uniform (NWU) should be standing by to transport you to Recruit Training Command (RTC) to execute NSI. If no one from the NSI staff is there, please wait 15 minutes and then contact the NSI staff via the NSI duty phone at 847-505-8398 to make them aware of your arrival.

NSI 2024 Graduation

If you have guests that plan on attending the NSI Graduation Ceremony in person, YOU MUST fill out the NSI Graduation Ceremony Guest Form and submit it when you arrive for training. Due to the length of time required to conduct background checks on anyone wishing to attend the ceremony, once you submit the form, changes will not be allowed. If you aren’t sure if someone will be able to attend the ceremony or not, it is highly recommended to put the person on the list because you won’t be able to add them after you submit the form should their schedule happen to “free up”. There will be more information posted on this website and social media in May when the NSI 1 assignment roster is released.

NSI 2024 Graduation Ceremony Guest Form.pdf

The graduation will be live streamed for interested parties who are unable to attend in person. The links to these streams will be listed below, a couple of days before the event.


Upon completion of graduation, those Midshipmen Candidates that will be flying home will be immediately taken to Chicago O'Hare International Airport via buses.
  • Outbound flights should not be booked any earlier than 1400 (2 PM).
Midshipmen Candidates that were initially dropped off by family members and friends will be bussed to the Great Lakes Burkey Mall Navy Exchange located at 3452 Green Bay Road, Great Lakes, IL, 60088-2545 for pickup. This building is located off base.
  • Expect Midshipmen Candidates to be ready for pick-up beginning at 1100 (11 AM).
Students that arrived by rail, will be transported by the NSI staff to the Great Lakes Metra Station located at 3000 S. Sheridan Road. There are no ticket agents at the Great Lakes Train Station. Students can purchase Metra tickets via the Ventra app or onboard the train.

All Midshipman Candidates are required to check out with the NSI staff prior to departure, regardless of their mode of travel.
*** Please check back regularly for updates *** 

Naval Service Training Command, NS Great Lakes, 2601A Paul Jones St, Great Lakes, IL  60088-2845 ~ 1.800.NAV.ROTC 
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