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Senior Chief Logistics Specialist Norma Porter, the recipients of the U.S. Navy Senior Enlisted Academy (SEA) Peter Tomich Distinguished Leadership Award delivers a speech at the SEA Class 254 graduation Sept. 1.

Senior Enlisted Academy Curriculum

The Senior Enlisted Academy offers a single course for all students (Active Duty/FTS, SELRES, partner services, and international service members). The program emphasizes communication skills, leadership and management, national security affairs, Navy programs and physical fitness.

This course is comprised of three weeks of facilitated Distance Learning (DL) followed by three-weeks of In-Residence (IR) education in Newport, Rhode Island. There is one non-academic week between the two phases, making the course seven weeks from start to finish. All students must attend the DL and IR phases consecutively; the two phases may not be split up.

SELRES who cannot complete the full three weeks in-residence should register for the classes specifically designed for SELRES which graduate after two weeks in-residence with an extra week of DL before arriving in Newport. The curriculum is the same, but the in-residence schedule for SELRES assigned to these two classes will be compressed (i.e., same curriculum but longer class days in-residence).

Distance Learning (DL)

During the DL phase students read, write papers, and interact with their facilitators and each other via the Blackboard Learning Management System. Students can expect approximately 12 to 15 hours of academic work each week during the three-week DL phase.

In-Residence Phase (IR)

The IR builds on the material covered in the DL phase. For example, the outline for the Heritage Essay, as well as the Capstone Point Paper are used to produce a speech and oral presentation while in Newport.

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