Senior Chief Logistics Specialist Norma Porter, the recipients of the U.S. Navy Senior Enlisted Academy (SEA) Peter Tomich Distinguished Leadership Award delivers a speech at the SEA Class 254 graduation Sept. 1.

Our physical fitness program begins at a low intensity and progresses to a fairly rigorous routine over a period of time. It is designed to safely enhance student physical readiness.

While in Newport, students are required to perform physical training (PT). PT sessions will include, but are not limited to Tabata, cross-fit, circuit training, yoga, spin class, team sports, and various other types of group PT. Additionally, the Byers’ cup and infamous six-mile Wave run are required events. Although, students will not be required to complete the six miles the SEA encourages every student to push themselves and step out of their comfort zone. If students are not fit for full duty or able to perform all aspects of PT, they must provide a light/limited duty chit on day one specifically stating their duty status and limitations. If a light/limited duty chit is not provided, students will be required to perform all aspects of PT. All personnel reporting to the Academy must be within Navy body composition standards and physical fitness standards.

Note: We will run outdoors as long as the wind-chill factor is above 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Body Composition Assessment

During check-in students will participate in a Body Composition Assessment (BCA) as outlined in OPNAVINST 6110.1(series) as a requirement for graduation. Failure to meet Navy BCA standards on the first day of the in-residence period will result in automatic disenrollment with a 12-month penalty to re-enroll.

BCA failure

Should students be disenrolled from the SEA due to BCA failure, they will depart the SEA the same day. The student’s chain of command is notified of the disenrollment.

First Day of Class

On the first day of class, the SEA staff and CFLs will measure height/weight and, if required, determine body fat percentage. If there are any questions pertaining to physical fitness program, contact our Command Fitness Leader.

Students are required to be within the Navy's maximum body fat percentage standards, 26 percent for males, 36 percent for females.

Note: For all sister service military students, please note the SEA requires sister service students to meet the Navy's height/weight and body fat standards.


Please review OPNAVINST 6110.1(series) for additional information pertaining to the Navy's Physical Readiness Program.

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