Students from Senior Enlisted Academy (SEA) class 246 listen to a welcome brief from SEA faculty advisors Nov. 29, 2021.  Class 246 is the first SEA class to attend in-person training at Naval Station Newport since March 2020.


The In-Residence (IR) phase builds on the material covered in the DL phase. For example, the outlines from the problem essay, heritage essay, and capstone essay are used to produce speeches during the In-Residence phase of the course. The IR methodology includes lectures, seminars, group activities, and physical conditioning.


Gate 1 is the only gate that remains open 24 hours. Additionally, if you arrive on a Sunday after hours, everything is pretty much shut down. You might grab something to eat for breakfast the next day during your travels because class starts Monday at 7:00 a.m.!

Note: Newport Pell Bridge is a $4.00 toll bridge.

The First Day Starts Early!

On the first day of class, report to Tomich Hall (Bldg 1269) first floor auditorium at 7:00 a.m. in Physical Training (PT) gearOfficial Navy PTU (or Sservice equivalent), see Uniform Requirements for more information.

During check-in you will participate in a Body Composition Assessment (BCA) as outlined in OPNAVINST 6110.1 Physical Readiness Instruction, see Physical Fitness Program for more information. (Not required for foreign national students)

Note: Failure to meet Navy BCA standards results in immediate disenrollment.

Military Records

You will need the following records to in-process at the SEA:

Navy TAD: SEA funds Navy TAD students.

Navy PCS: Transfer package, copy of orders, copy of updated PAGE 2 and SGLI.

Navy AT/ADT: Original orders and all modifications.

Other Services: Original orders and all modifications.

Medical Screening

To ensure both your safety and your ability to participate in our physical fitness program, all Navy personnel must have a current Preventive Health Assessment (PHA) in your record. Failure to have a completed PHA may jeopardize your ability to graduate.

Personal Mailing Address

You may use the following mailing address to have mail delivered USPS, UPS, or Federal Express while attending the Senior Enlisted Academy.



CLASS # XXX, _______ GROUP


NEWPORT RI 02841-1525

Phone Messages

The SEA staff will accept emergency calls at these office numbers:


(401) 841-4221/4776

DSN: 841-4221/4776


(401) 841-4945

DSN: 841-4945

Physical Fitness Program

While you are in Newport, you will be required to perform physical training (PT) both as a class and in your individual groups. Click for more information on our Physical Fitness Program.

Social Functions and Miscellaneous Expenses

Typically, you will attend a Welcome Aboard social reception at the CPO Club during the first week in-residence. This serves as an opportunity to get acquainted with staff and fellow students. Non-alcoholic refreshments and finger-foods are provided, but anything you get from the bar is on you.

Also, as a member of the class, you may choose to incur costs you cannot claim as travel expenses. You can expect to spend approximately $20 per week participating in class activities (e.g., coffee mess, bottled water, gee-dunks, etc.). These expenses alone may total up to $60. Beyond that, paying for items such as group tee shirts, class functions (bar-b-que for example) or class legacy gifts could run higher. Again, paying for these items are a matter of personal choice.

Passports and Visas

In some cases, your ship or unit deployment location may be overseas in an area, which will require you to obtain an official or no-fee passport. This also applies to some overseas duty locations for your family members. YOU MUST APPLY FOR PASSPORT OR VISA FROM YOUR DETACHING NAVPTO. The SEA normally does not process passport requests. In the event you do have passport issues while you are here, you will require the following items to process your passport application(s): birth certificate(s) with raised seal and valid tourist passport(s) (if they are current).

Do not allow your NAVPTO to delay passport processing until the last minute or advise you to delay processing. Processing passport applications is much more difficult at the SEA due to educational requirements--there just aren't that many hours in a day.




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