Students from Senior Enlisted Academy (SEA) class 246 listen to a welcome brief from SEA faculty advisors Nov. 29, 2021.  Class 246 is the first SEA class to attend in-person training at Naval Station Newport since March 2020.

Enrolling in a Class

All students must have a CAC and an established Empower account to enroll in a class. The SEA offers two types of enrollment: Targeted Enrollment and Open Enrollment.

Once the FY schedule is published, all classes are available via Targeted Enrollment. If all quotas are full, then applicants might still get in during that class’s Open Enrollment period. (See Open Enrollment tab for further details.)

Targeted Enrollment Procedures

The SEA offers limited quotas for applicants based on their Rank, Service, and type of travel orders. To enroll via Targeted Enrollment, applicants must first determine which type of travel orders (TAD, PCS, etc.) they will be using to attend the SEA in Newport, RI. See the Funding tab in the Program Overview menu for further details.

Types of Travel Orders (Quotas) available:

USN E-8/E-9 on TAD orders – applicants can select an available quota from a class that is not already filled (CAC required).
USN E-8/E-9 on PCS orders or following on to CMC/COB – Detailer must include on orders with the SEA as an I-STOP. When approved, applicants can select a quota from an available class (CAC required).
USNR (Reserve) on ADT/AT orders only – When approved, applicants can select a quota from an available class (CAC required).

Non-U.S. Navy (including our international Service partners) – The Service training officer MUST first approve their requests and advise the SEA of acceptance. Next, the applicant must register for an Empower account (see Registration menu item). Once their Empower account application has been approved and established, the SEA Registrar will enroll them into their assigned class.

Targeted Enrollment:

Only classes with available quotas will appear in Empower. If a desired class does not appear in Empower, then all quotas for that class have been filled. If no classes are visible in Empower, then all quotas have been filled for the year. In either case, see Open Enrollment below for possible options. (All open enrollment dates are listed on the Class Schedule.)

Navy E-7 ALERT: All quotas for CPO’s have been filled for all FY-21 classes. Navy CPO's may attempt to enroll during the Open Enrollment period for the class of their choice. Note: a CAC and an established Empower account are required to enroll in a class.

Selecting a Class

  • To enroll in a class (CAC and an established Empower account are required to enroll in a class):



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