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Senior Chief Logistics Specialist Norma Porter, the recipients of the U.S. Navy Senior Enlisted Academy (SEA) Peter Tomich Distinguished Leadership Award delivers a speech at the SEA Class 254 graduation Sept. 1.

Enrolling in a Class

All students must have a CAC and an established Empower account to self-enroll in a class.

The SEA offers limited quotas for applicants based on their Rank, Service, and type of travel orders. 

You can self-enroll at any time provided you have an established Empower Account, and your quota is not full for the class you are seeking. 

Initially, when the SEA FY Class schedule is posted to the SEA website, all quotas are available for all USN/USNR (E-7 – E-9) who have an established Empower Account to self-enroll right away.  Any issues with self-enrollment, please contact Registration at  When quotas become full for the class you are seeking, you need to try to self-enroll into a different class or try to self-enroll during open enrollment. 

Quotas for USN E-7 are extremely limited as the SEA is geared mostly for USN E-8 – E-9s, so your quota will fill quickly for the entire FY.  Therefore, if you have an established Empower Account, and once you see FY SEA Class Schedule posted to the SEA website, you need to self-enroll promptly.  Otherwise, you will have to wait for open enrollment for the class you are seeking if your quota is filled. Please go to the SEA website under “Schedule” to check on the open enrollment date for the class you want to attend. 

Open enrollment occurs when Registration makes quotas available that USN/USNR (TAR) E8-9’s did not fill to USN/USNR E-7 – E-9s who have an established Empower Account. Open enrollment dates are posted to the SEA Class Schedule. 

NOTE:  USN E-7s are not allowed to travel to the SEA in a PCS status and should ensure you are gained to your new command at least 2 weeks prior to the start of Blackboard, anything less could lead to issues with the submission of TAD Travel Orders to the SEA. 

The SEA Registration has a point of contact from USMC, USAF and USSF, including international services who give their approved military members a list to Registration and what class they are assigned to attend.  The SEA POC will contact their approved member with directions on how to submit an application for an Empower Account.  Upon receipt of the application, Registration will process the application, enroll the sister service member, and send a notification email of enrollment. 

Targeted Enrollment Procedures

The SEA offers limited quotas for applicants based on their Rank, Service, and type of travel orders. To enroll via Targeted Enrollment, applicants must first determine which type of travel orders (TAD, PCS, etc.) they will be using to attend the SEA in Newport, RI. See the Funding tab in the Program Overview menu for further details.

Types of Travel Orders (Quotas) available:

TAD Orders – USN E-7 – E-9 / USNR (FTS/TAR) E-7 – E-9
PCS Orders – USN E-8 – E-9
AT/ADT Orders – USNR – SELRES E-7 – E-9

Selecting a Class

*             To enroll in a class (CAC and an established Empower account are required to enroll in a class):
                *             Go to
                *             Hover over "Enrollment" menu item at the top
                *             Click on the drop-down tab for "Enrollment Instructions"
                *             Review instructions first – pages 2 thru 6
                *             To select a class, click on (link at the bottom of Enrollment Instructions, page 1)
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